What is Matris body part in English?

uterus – utero, matriz. womb – utero, matriz.

What is Operacion de la matriz?

operación de la matriz {f} volume_up. uterus operation.

What are matrices in Spanish?

matriz, la ~ (f) (moldegálibo)

Does SPN mean Spanish?

Son means “they are.” It’s the third person plural form of ser, which means “to be,” in the present tense. Estos son mis favoritos.

What is matres in Filipino?

[noun] uterus; womb.

Why is it called womb?

The uterus is the medical term for the womb. It is the Latin word for womb. It is about the size and shape of an inverted pear….Anatomy of the uterus.

Name From To
uterosacral ligament the posterior cervix the sacrum of pelvis
cardinal ligaments the side of the cervix the ischial spines

What is Mexican for son?

hijo. More Spanish words for son. el hijo noun.

What do Spanish call their children?

Chico, muchacho, niño—and their feminine equivalents, chica, muchacha, and niña—are just a few of the words you can use in Spanish to refer to children. But they aren’t all used in the same way. In most cases, you’re safe to use any of the above words to refer to boys and girls.

Can a womb be removed?

A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the womb (uterus). You’ll no longer be able to get pregnant after the operation. If you have not already gone through the menopause, you’ll no longer have periods, regardless of your age. Many women have a hysterectomy.

What is the plural of matrix UK?

plural matrices uk/-trɪ.siːz/ matrixes.

What is another word for matrix?

Matrix Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for matrix?

array grid
table spreadsheet

What do Spanish call their sons?

Hijo – Son And while this is the standard way of saying ‘son’, parents normally just call their children by their names or more loving nicknames. As a result, it’s more common to use ‘hijo’ when talking to other people about your son and not as a way of calling him. El hijo de Oscar es médico.

Can you call a baby Mamacita?

Mami / Mamacita – Baby Girl / Honey ‘Mami’ is a word that both dads and moms can use when calling their daughter. On top of that, Latin American speakers can also use the variation ‘mamacita’ with the same purpose. Both of these words are closer in meaning to ‘baby girl’ or ‘honey’.

What’s another name for mattress?

What is another word for mattress?

bed bedding
cushion futon
innerspring pad
paillasse pallet
springs air bed

Is a mattress a bed?

A bed is the entire piece of furniture you sleep on at night. It includes the bed frame, mattress, headboard, sheets, pillows, and blankets.

Can a woman without a womb get pregnant?

Because your uterus is removed, you no longer have periods and cannot get pregnant. But your ovaries might still make hormones, so you might not have other signs of menopause.

How do you pluralize matrix?

Matrixes is an acceptable plural form, but you can use matrices if you want to show off your knowledge of Latin noun endings.

What is a matrix in math?

In ancient Rome, a matrix was a female animal kept for breeding, or a plant (sometimes called a “parent plant” or “mother plant”) whose seeds were used for producing other plants. In English the word has taken on many related meanings. Mathematicians use it for a rectangular organization of numbers or symbols…

What is an example of matrix in a sentence?

Examples of matrix in a Sentence. the complex social matrix in which people live their lives The wires all crossed each other and formed a matrix. a matrix used for making knives. See More. Recent Examples on the Web. On the other hand, there’s a lot of Trump pardons that don’t fit into the – – into the matrix.

How is the matrix used in real life?

Mathematicians use it for a rectangular organization of numbers or symbols that can be used to make various calculations; geologists use it for the soil or rock in which a fossil is discovered, like a baby in the womb. And matrix was a good choice as the name of the reality in which all humans find themselves living in…

What is a social matrix?

the complex social matrix in which people live their lives The wires all crossed each other and formed a matrix.