What is keyed entry?

Keyed entry is for exterior doors. Locks with this function have a keyed cylinder facing the outside of the home and a thumbturn on the interior. Lock the door using a push button on the inside of the door, or with a key on the outside of the door.

Who owns EZ Set locks?

Spectrum brands
Q: Who makes EZ Set Locks? A: EZ Set has been owned by Spectrum brands since 2012, along with two of our other popular door hardware brands, Baldwin and Kwikset.

What is keyed entry door lever?

Keyed entry door knobs have a lock and key mechanism on both sides for safety and security. They’re used on front doors, patio doors, garage doors that go into your home or other exterior doors. Some have a button on the inside that you press to lock the door. The button unlocks when you turn the interior knob.

Can you buy locks keyed alike?

Keyed alike means one key fits all locks, for example your front and back door locks can both use the same key or every lock in an office can use the same key. Having your locks keyed alike is very beneficial if you want to open & close all your door locks with one key.

What keyed different?

Keyed to differ means each lock has its own key. Basically speaking, you can’t use the same key to open a different lock so it is ‘keyed different’. Think of it as your screen door can be unlocked by one key, but the same key can’t unlock the deadlock.

How do I unlock my Ezset lock?

To lock your door from outside, press the EZSET button (programming button). And to lock from inside, rotate the turn-piece. To unlock your door from outside, enter a valid User Code or use a physical key. And to unlock from inside, simply rotate the turn-piece.

How do I get my door keyed alike?

Re-keying kits are available for most lock brands but they’re not interchangeable. You must buy a kit for each brand of lock in your home. (If you’re lucky, they’ll all be the same brand!) Each kit will re-key six locks, but you can order extra pins if you need to do more.

Do I need a keyed door knob if I have a deadbolt?

Even when locks are required, they do not need to be in the knob of the door. Often there is no in knob lock but an auxiliary self locking mechanism higher up on the door. Many exit door locksets do not even have a knob, but a thumb latch. A single key often controls the self locking latch and the deadbolt.

Can Kwikset be keyed to Schlage?

This is because Schlage and Kwikset locks are not compatible with the same type of key. Their keyways are made differently, therefore you will either want to have all Schlage locks or all Kwikset locks. When you’re at home, you don’t want to use different keys for each lock you own.