What is Insula Fonte on Just Cause 3?

According to the official Just Cause 3 website, Insula Fonte is “a medley of poor and rich towns demonstrating the diversity of people and the style of life in a land crumbling under the ruthless rule of General Di Ravello”.

Where is Baia Just Cause 3?

mainland Insula Fonte
Location. Baia is the southeastern province on mainland Insula Fonte in Medici. It is bordered by Plagia to the north, and Lacos to the west.

What is insula Dracon in Just Cause 3?

Insula Dracon (translated as Dragon Island) is a region in Just Cause 3. See also: Maps.

Where is vis Electra Just Cause 3?

the Baia
Vis Electra is a power plant located in the Baia. Liberating it will unlock the story mission A Terrible Reaction.

How do you liberate vis Electra?

To liberate a province, you must free all the towns and destroy the bases within the red area on the map.

  1. The electrical facility of Vis Electra may have been blown to bits by Rico, but there is more than rubble left behind.
  2. When you follow the pipes to water, prepare to destroy enemy boats.

What do you do in the beginning of Just Cause 3?

Just Cause 3 beginner’s guide

  1. It’s not a standard third-person shooter.
  2. Master the wingsuit early.
  3. Map your surroundings to aid fast travel.
  4. Complete side missions to unlock upgrades.
  5. Experiment with your tether.
  6. Don’t forget the rebel drops.
  7. Find a jetplane (duh)
  8. Hijack vehicles to overcome the heat.

How do I turn off EMP cannon?

Due to being a CentCom base, Corda Dracon is defended by FOW EMP canons, which can be disabled by completing the mission Electromagnetic Pulse. These cannons can later be replicated by unlocking/equipping the handheld FOW The Thunderbird.

What is a turbine block in Just Cause 3?

Description. These are gas turbines used to provide electrical power to Di Ravello’s military. Power stations normally have several of these.

What is an FOW weapon?

Although the actual definition is never revealed within the game, a weapon that is classified as a FOW is a weapon that has been infused with Bavarium. Any weapon infused with Bavarium is classed as a “FOW” weapon by the Medici Military. The exact definition of “FOW” is never revealed in the game.

Is the fastest car in Just Cause 4?

The “Neon Racer Supercar” is the fastest land vehicle in the game and second fastest vehicle in the entire game (second only to the Fellhawk Jet Fighter). It has impossibly good traction, allowing the vehicle to easily make any turn at less than 200 km/h, normally with out even using the brakes.

Where are the rebel shrines in insula striate?

Similarly to the Vintage Parts, Rebel Shrines are scattered around the whole huge island of Insula Striate, meaning that you will have a lot of work to do if you want to find them all.

What are rebel shrines in Medici?

Rebel Shrines are a type of Collectable Items in Medici. Lighting all shrines in a region will unlock unlimited free Fast Travel in that region, regardless of whether you’re in a liberated province or not.

Where are the rebel shrines in Just Cause 3?

Just Cause 3 – Insula Striate, Rebel Shrines The shrine can be found to the east of Refugio Umbra, in the Umbra province. The shrine can be found in the Refugio Umbra, in the Umbra province, very close to the #1st shrine – you can find it in something resembling a garage.

Where are the rebel shrines in aspera and Sirocco Nord?

There are no Rebel Shrines in Aspera or Sirocco Nord . N 40 40.95 E 5 35.36 – On the north-eastern shore, facing Petra. N 40 41.52 E 5 36.54 – On the south-western shore, facing the previous shrine in Cauda.