What is iMicro?

iMicro C – a Fingertip Microscope for Any Phone. Tiny, light, versatile with long working distance, compatible with any phone camera and affordable. Tiny, light, versatile with long working distance, compatible with any phone camera and affordable.

What is a handheld microscope called?

This is a microscope that has a special design that is small and portable, hence the name ‘pocket’. They are pocket-size but some are a bit larger. Their size is too small to hold a mirror to place the image in its rightful position.

Can you download a microscope on your phone?

Magnifier and Microscopes Hailed as the best android microscope app for 2020 is the Magnifier and Microscopes, which also works on iPhones and iPads. It’s a really versatile application that can totally transform your phone camera into a magnifier, microscope, macro camera, flashlight, and more.

What is the importance of iMicro?

iMicro uses a more complex multi-aspherical lens with a dedicated design, to achieve both the high performance of magnification and low aberration. Light and illumination are very important to microscopy. Nowadays, every smartphone comes with a camera as well as flash light.

Who created iMicro?

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

Name Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
Nationality Dutch
Dates 1632-1723
Achievement discovered the micro-world

Does iPhone have magnifying glass?

The iPhone has a built-in magnifying glass app. Unlike the flashlight app, however, it’s an option you need to turn on in settings.

What is the features of iMicro?

Key features of iMicro at a magnification of ~100x, and then in detail up to 800x magnification. A grid calibration target was used to test the distortion. Even in full view at the edge of the visual field, no obvious distortion was observed.

What is iMicro technology?

Dec-03-18. Explore the invisible world with the tiny iMicro attachment, which turns your smartphone into a powerful microscope. The iMicro attaches to the smartphone camera, where its multi-aspherical lens works in conjunction with the smartphone’s optical hardware to offer high magnification with low aberration.

When was iMicro invented?

Thanks to the advance of micro-optics and smartphone technology, with the effort and expertise accumulated in the past years, we have enabled iMicro C to achieve excellent performance at a low cost. We walked a long path for the development of smartphone based microscopic tools since the first patent in 2012.

How do I open the Magnifier on my iPhone?

Using the iPhone’s Magnifier app Now that you’ve got Magnifier set up in your iPhone’s Control Center, whenever you want to use it, simply swipe down on the right hand side of your iPhone’s screen and tap on the Magnifier shortcut icon.

Can a 4 year old use a microscope?

Kidzlane Microscope Science Toy for Kids This beginner microscope, meant for ages 3 and up, is bound to spark their curiosity as they examine everyday objects in finer detail.