What is GosuGamers?

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Where can I watch DOTA 2 matches?

We’ll take you through the top live-streaming sites and other sources to watch Dota 2 tournaments and competitions online.

  • Valve official channel – Twitch.tv.
  • Electronic Sports League official channel – Twitch.tv.
  • Dota 2 official channel – Watch Dota via YouTube.

Where is Gosu general from?

Park “General” Jim-ahn is a Korean/American player who currently plays for Team Gosu.

Who is Gosu LOL?

“Gosu” is a League of Legends player and a streamer for Team SoloMid. For information on his professional streaming career, see his page on Esportspedia’s Streamers wiki.

Where can I watch TI 2021 in Dota?

The official Dota 2 streams on Twitch will feature panels and interviews in between games and you can also take a look at all the brackets and results inside Dota 2. The game’s tournament/watch tab allows players to follow tournaments without spoilers.

Is Gosu general Filipino?

How old is Gosu basic?

age 27

Country of Birth Canada
Birthday July 8, 1994 (age 27)
Height Unknown
Est. Net Worth $458,000

Why is Gosu not a pro?

Despite his level of skill and popularity as a streamer, Gosu expressed no desire to become a full-time professional player. According to him, the criticism players face was not worth the potential payoff. On top of that, he was not confident that his skill level was adequate for him to join a top team.

How old is hi Gosu?

Gosu (Canadian)

Country of Birth Canada
Birthday July 8, 1994 (age 27)

Is TI10 LAN?

The International 10 LAN venue and tickets Valve have moved the International 10 to Bucharest, Romania in the country’s biggest stadium: the Arena Nationala. The stadium can seat 55,634 people and ticket information will be released at a later date.