What is dual plane technique?

What is dual plane breast augmentation? Dual plane breast augmentation is a surgical technique that involves placing breast implants partially under both the breast gland and the pectoralis major muscle simultaneously.

What is a double bubble breast augmentation?

The double-bubble deformity occurs when a breast implant sits lower than the old inframammary crease. It can occur when a breast implant is positioned below the old crease at surgery or when an implant falls below the crease with the passage of time creating a contour deformity.

How long does it take for dual plane implants to drop?

Generally speaking, implants begin to drop and fluff after a few days, approach their final position after six weeks, and settle entirely after three months.

How do dual plane implants work?

Dual plane involves placing the upper portion of the implant under the pectoral muscle, while allowing the lower half of the implant to sit directly under the breast tissue, over the pec muscle. It is neither completely ‘under the muscle’ or ‘over the muscle,’ but a combination of both.

Is it better to get breast implants under the muscle or over?

Generally, if you have minimal breast tissue and want larger implants, under the muscle placement will provide the best results as your pectoralis major muscles will help hide any possible rippling in your implants.

What is the smallest CC in breast implants?

The smallest implants that are available start at 125cc (which is great for correcting asymmetry), and then they go all the way up to the 1200cc range. Most women, though, tend to choose implants in the 150cc to 650cc range. Every 150 to 200 cc is comparable to one increased cup size.

Is Double Bubble painful?

The relatively tight crease indents the implant transversely, dividing it in two and creating a second “bubble” beneath the breast. The first type of double bubble deformity is often associated with capsular contracture and may become painful.

Is dual plane more painful?

On the other hand, women who undergo dual plane breast augmentation will generally experience more pain and have a slightly higher risk of hematoma than that associated with other breast enhancement techniques.

Do boobs get bigger as they drop and fluff?

Answer: Drop and fluff after breast augmentation It may take several months for this to happen and can be encouraged with breast massage and compression. It may appear that the breast enlarges as the lower aspect of the breast fills out (at the expense of the upper portion of the breast).

What is the best method for breast implants?

Inframammary Incision – Of the choices, the most common incision is the inframammary approach. This incision is the most versatile and all types of breast implants can be inserted through this incision. It offers optimal visualization when performing breast augmentation.

Do over the muscle implants sag more?

The truth is, whether implants are placed over or under the muscle, it will have very little to do with sagging. Sagging is commonly caused by weight gain or loss, pregnancy and gravity over time. It’s easiest to remember it this way – it’s the breasts that sag, not the implants.

How do you prevent double bubble implants?

Conclusion: A variety of surgical strategies, including use of a dual-plane pocket, form-stable shaped implants, capsulorrhaphy, pocket plane conversion, and use of acellular dermal matrices can play a role in prevention and treatment of the double-bubble deformity.

Can you fix double bubble without surgery?

In many cases, such as when a patient experiences an issue known as “double bubble,” the only remedy is additional surgery.

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How long after breast augmentation can I go without a bra?

It is essential for easy and quicker recovery after breast lift and augmentation for the breasts not to move and promote good healing. Most patients can go braless after about six weeks, but it should be on special occasions and not daily to maintain optimal results.

How do you make implants drop faster?

You’ll notice the first signs of implant drop after a few days, and this process can be moved along by using a breast band and massaging your implants to promote faster dropping. (Silicone gels and sheeting may minimize your scarring as well.)

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What is the dual plane technique for breast implants?

The dual plane technique is a form of subpectoral – or ‘under the muscle’ – breast implant placement. There are two main kinds of implant placement: E Under the muscle, whereby the implant is placed under the pectorals muscle, in varying degrees If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What is double bubble deformity?

Double bubble deformity is a term that describes a complication from breast augmentation. The implant drops behind the natural crease beneath the breast, causing bulges above and below the natural breast crease. The deformity can occur any time after surgery and is not always the result of surgical error.

What is the dual plane technique for pectoral surgery?

The dual plane technique exposures the anatomical landmarks like the lower and lateral edge of the pectoral muscle, so the surgeon has better control of the critical boundaries of the pocket dissection.