What is DDIO file in XPEDITER?

Xpediter use DDIO file to store information about load modules and sources. At least one DDIO file is required for source level debugging. In a debug session, XPEDITER references the stored information in the DDIO file that was generated by the Language Processor (LP) during compile time.

What are the debugging tools in mainframe?

The IBM DEBUG TOOL is available for the visual montioring of the statement-by-statement execution of COBOL programs. CICS….Tools List.

Tool Description
CEDX IBM’s command execution diagnostic facility for non-2370 tasks.
DEBUG IBM’s’ debugging tool.

How do you debug a Cobol mainframe?

Debugging a Program

  1. Prepare your ILE COBOL program for debugging.
  2. Start a debug session.
  3. Add and remove programs from a debug session.
  4. View the program source from a debug session.
  5. Set and remove conditional and unconditional breakpoints.
  6. Set and remove watch conditions.
  7. Step through a program.

What is Fileaid?

File-Aid is a comprehensive test data management tool designed to help developers, testers, and DBAs work efficiently with data as they develop, test and implement distributed applications. Benefits. • Allows individual fields in a dataset to be modified in an ISPF/PFD format.

How do I delete a breakpoint in XPEDITER?

To remove all breakpoints in a program, use the RELEASE primary command or the Resource Summary screen (1. P). The DELETE primary command can also be used to remove breakpoints from any Xpediter screen.

How do I set a breakpoint in XPEDITER?

Setting program breakpoints (Xpediter/CICS COBOL)

  1. Type BEFORE 0 in the COMMAND field and press Enter.
  2. Type SHOW KEEPS on the COMMAND line and press Enter to see where keeps are set.
  3. To see where breakpoints have been set, type SHOW BREAKS and press Enter (Setting Breakpoints on the Source Listing Screen (2.

What is SCLM in mainframe?

SCLM is the Software Configuration and Library Manager component of ISPF, which runs on z/OS®. It provides source code management and build facilities for a software configuration manager (SCM). SCLM supports check-out and check-in functions.

What is InterTest in mainframe?

Designed to provide you with automated, reliable and cost-effective mainframe testing tools, InterTest™ Batch helps you to ensure well-tested programs before they go into production.

How do I debug in CICS?

To enable the region for debugging from a program, use the EXEC CICS SET SYSTEM DEBUGTOOL command. To enable the region for debugging from the main terminal transaction, use the CEMT SET SYSTEM DEBUGTOOL command.

How do I use XPED?

Some Xpediter/TSO commands are primary commands you must enter on the command line….Enter Xpediter/TSO commands in the following ways:

  1. In the primary command area.
  2. In the line command area.
  3. By pressing the PF key that was assigned to the desired command. Use the SHOW PFKEYS command for a list of the PF key assignments.

How do I use command in xpediter?

The WHEN command pauses whenever a specified condition is true or when a program variable changes value. XPEDITER/TSO stops after the instruction that meets the requirement of the WHEN command and automatically keeps the value of data items referenced by the current execution line whenever execution halts.

What is SCM in mainframe?

What is SCLM registration?

SCLM is the Software Configuration and Library Manager component of ISPF, which runs on z/OS. It provides source code management and build facilities for a software configuration manager (SCM). Installing and configuring the SCLM Developer Toolkit on a workstation.

How do you remove a breakpoint in an Intertest?

To remove a line breakpoint from the Program Listing area, right-click the breakpoint indicator (blue circle) appearing on the ruler to the left of the statement and then select Remove Breakpoint.

What is Cedf in mainframe?

CEDF is the transaction identifier that allows you to intercept the application programs at the program’s initiation and termination, and at each CICS command as well.

What is MDT in CICS?

The modified data tag (MDT) is the bit in the attribute byte that determines whether a field should be transmitted from a terminal to CICS®. The MDT for a field is normally turned on by the 3270 emulator (the CICS cicslterm and cicsteld processes) when the user enters data into a field.