What is a Bruin café?

Brown cafés in Amsterdam. For a taste of authentic Amsterdam flavour and Dutch culture, don’t miss a visit to a traditional Dutch pub known as a ‘brown café’ (bruin café). These local watering-holes are a quintessential part of Amsterdam’s culture – and are the favoured haunts of some colourful local personalities.

What is a brown café in Amsterdam?

The brown café is an integrated part of Dutch culture, a place where people go for a drink after work or to chat with friends on the weekend. They are great to unwind and relax. Most brown cafes serve beer and wine, as well as jenever, similar to gin. Bring some cash with you; most do not accept credit cards.

What are brown bars?

If you’ve never experienced a brown bar, it’s a classic Dutch bar without pretense. It’s somewhere between a historic bar (that has been well preserved) and a dive bar, depending on the bar. Basically, a brown bar is living history with a side of beer.

What is the oldest bar in Amsterdam?

Café Karpershoek
Café Karpershoek is the oldest pub in Amsterdam. In 1606 the Karpershoek started as a guest house for the crew of the ships of the Dutch East-Indian Company (VOC).

Can you drink in the streets in Amsterdam?

Can you walk around with alcohol in Amsterdam? It is forbidden to drink alcohol in a public space: on the street, in parks, on the sidewalk, on the stairs in front of your home. It is prohibited to have opened bottles or cans of alcoholic beverages with you.

Are brothels legal in Amsterdam?

The industry has been legal in the Netherlands since 1811, and anyone over the age of 18 can legally become a prostitute as long as they pay their taxes and do not leave their windows.

Can you be drunk in public in Amsterdam?

Alcohol in Public Amsterdam Rules So you already know that it is not allowed to drink alcohol in public places. By public space I mean; on the street, in parks or even on the stairs in front of your house. An alcohol ban applies: in public space.