What is 10018 welding rod used for?

Atom Arc 10018 electrodes are used primarily for applications which require weld joints of at least 100 ksi (690 MPa) tensile strength, good ductility and crack resistance. Good notch toughness at temperatures as low as -60°F (-51°C) is possible with this electrode.

Is there a 7011 welding rod?

PA-7011-A1 is a high tensile strength steel cellulose coated electrode for all-position welding. Heat resistance of the weld metal is excellent. Slag removal and bead appearance are good.

Is there a 7013 welding rod?

7013 Welding Rod | Arc Welding Rod | Zoro.com.

What is e6012 welding rod used for?

EASYARC™ 6012 can be used for the general purpose repair, maintenance and fabrication welding job around the workshop and home, especially for Sheet metal lap and fillet welds. For welding where you require a smooth and clean appearance, the EASYARC™ 6012 electrode is the ideal choice.

What is E6011 welding rod used for?

E 6011 electrode is a general-purpose electrode performs welding in all positions and efficiently in vertical-up and over-head positions; it is used mainly for sheet metal welding and low silicon deposit application. The electrode arc is easy to control and produces a flat weld bead with light slag formation.

What do you use 7014 rod for?


  • E7014 is a high speed iron powder type electrode that can be used on AC or DC welding current.
  • Typical Applications: ornamental iron, machine bases, heavy sheet metal, frames.
  • Typical Wire Chemistry as per AWS A5.1 (single values are maximum)

What does E6012 mean?

E6012 is a general purpose electrode that offers excellent bridging characteristics, especially for applications with poor fit-up. It has good, stable arc and operates at high currents with low spatter. Extremely versatile, E6012 can be used with both AC and DC power.

What does E6012 stand for?

E 6012 Welding Electrode E 6012 electrode is a general-purpose electrode that performs welding in all positions with medium deposition rate and medium penetration. The electrode provides a more forceful arc than E 6013 electrode. E6012 electrode is used for sheet metal welding and other low current applications.

What is the difference between E7016 and E7018?

Both E7016 and E7018 are limestone base electrodes capable of meeting the low hydrogen requirements for diffusible hydrogen, i.e., 16 ml/100 g of weld deposit. E7016 differes from E7018 in the fact that E7018 contains a high percentage of iron powder, by weight, in the flux covering.

Is 6011 or 6013 Rod better?

The 6013 electrode is best used for light to medium penetration on a thin metal, or sheet metal. The 6011 electrode offers more penetration than the 6013 so you can weld a slightly thicker material.

Is 6013 or 6011 better?

The E6011 and E6013 are comparable in tensile strength, welding positions, and current types. E6011 is more of a heavy-duty industrial rod better suited for deep joints. E6013 has a delicate arc that is better for clean sheet metal welds.