What inspired Paranoid Android?

Yorke’s lyrics were based on an unpleasant experience at a Los Angeles bar during which he was surrounded by strangers who were high on cocaine. In particular, Yorke was frightened by a woman who became violent after someone spilled a drink on her.

What was Radiohead’s biggest hit?

Creep (1993)
1. Creep (1993) For Radiohead’s best selling single, you have to go all the way back to the beginning. Creep was first released in September 1992 as their debut single, but it didn’t become a worldwide hit until almost exactly a year later.

Who did the animation for Paranoid Android?

animator Magnus Carlsson
Paranoid Android is a song/music video by the band Radiohead. The music video for the song, which got released in 1997, was created and directed by Swedish animator Magnus Carlsson. He is best known for his work on an animated series known as Robin.

Who were Radiohead influenced by?

In 1995, Radiohead again toured North America and Europe, this time in support of R.E.M., one of their formative influences and at the time one of the biggest rock bands in the world. The buzz generated by such famous fans as R.E.M.

What movies have used exit music by Radiohead?

“Exit Music (For a Film)” is a song by the band Radiohead , written exclusively for the end credits of the film Romeo + Juliet , in 1996 .

What is so good about Radiohead?

Radiohead is creative. They’re not afraid to venture into fresh musical territory, and their talent ensures that they can pull it off.

Is Paranoid Android about Marvin?

Marvin the Paranoid Android is a fictional character in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams. Marvin is the ship’s robot aboard the starship Heart of Gold.

How did Radiohead come up with the name Radiohead?

In late 1991, after a chance meeting between Colin and A&R representative Keith Wozencroft at Our Price, the record shop where Colin worked, On a Friday signed a six-album recording contract with EMI. At EMI’s request, the band changed their name; “Radiohead” was taken from the song “Radio Head” on the Talking Heads album True Stories (1986).

What are the critics saying about Radiohead?

In 2003, Village Voice critic Robert Christgau wrote that Radiohead were “the only youngish band standing that combines critical consensus with the ability to fill a venue larger than the Hammerstein Ballroom “. Gavin Haynes of NME described Radiohead in 2014 as “our generation’s Beatles “.

Who is Radiohead’s principal songwriter?

Yorke is Radiohead’s principal songwriter and lyricist. Songs usually begin with a sketch by Yorke, which is harmonically developed by Jonny Greenwood before the rest of the band develop their parts.

What is Radiohead’s musical style?

Radiohead’s musical style has been described as art rock, alternative rock, electronica, experimental rock, progressive rock, Britpop, grunge, art pop, and electronic rock. Joe Taysom of Far Out referred to Radiohead technically as a stadium rock band. [240]