What injury did Paul George suffer?

When the Clippers announced back on Christmas Day that Paul George had suffered a torn ulnar collateral ligament, it was unclear how to react to an injury that is more synonymous with baseball players β€” pitchers, to be exact.

What happened to Paul George in the USA game?

While I’m sure few people were actually watching the USA Basketball intrasquad scrimmage game live last week, many of you undoubtedly have now seen the horrific video footage of Indiana Pacers forward Paul George jam his foot into the base of the backboard stanchion, causing his tibia, or lower leg bone to snap and …

How did George lose his leg?

Paul George suffered one of the more gruesome sports injuries in recent memory, which means the road back to the NBA will be a difficult one. In a scrimmage between team USA players prior to the FIBA World Cup, the Indiana Pacers star landed awkwardly on a play and severely injured his leg.

How long was Paul George out for leg injury?

Paul George has returned to the court just over eight months after suffering a horrific compound fracture in his left leg during a Team USA scrimmage.

How long is Paul George out?

25, the team announced that George had sustained an elbow injury that would be re-evaluated in three to four weeks. George missed five games with an elbow injury earlier in the month and has been sidelined since returning for two games….Clippers upcoming schedule 2021-22.

Date Opponent Time (ET)
April 10 vs. Thunder TBD

What bones did Paul George break?

George’s open fracture of the tibia and fibula bones in his lower right leg, which sidelined him for all but six games of the 2014-15 season with the Indiana Pacers, was the first catastrophic injury to strike U.S.A.B. since N.B.A.

Does Paul George have a metal rod in his leg?

Following the break, George underwent surgery to have some form of hardware, likely a rod, inserted in the area. The rod will fortify the area and insure both bones properly align. Doing so allows the healing process to occur in the best possible environment and helps the bone return to its original strength.

What was Paul George’s injury 2014?

Is pg out for the season?

According to Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer, the Los Angeles Clippers are reportedly operating as if the torn ulnar collateral ligament that superstar Paul George suffered in December could possibly keep him out for the rest of the season.

What is wrong with Paul George’s elbow?

George has not played since December 22 due to a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. He participated in a 4-on-4 practice against assistant coaches with minimal contact on Sunday. β€œHe’s feeling better,” Lue said.

How did Paul George injure his elbow?

Paul George’s UCL injury occurred on December 6, 2021, against the Portland Trail Blazers. The exact moment of injury was when he and Jusuf Nurkic dove for a loose ball. “A 7-foot-2 dude lands on his elbow at the exact spot to do the damage,” Lawrence Frank said. It was a moment that Frank described as a freak injury.

Who injured in the NBA right now?

NBA Injuries

Otto Porter Jr. SF
Andre Iguodala F Iguodala (neck) is listed as out for Thursday’s Game 5 against Dallas.
James Wiseman C Wiseman (knee) said Monday that’s he progressing well and playing in Summer League remains a possibility, Anthony Slater of The Athletic reports.

What is the ulnar collateral ligament?

The ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) is a ligament that runs on the inner side of the elbow to help support it when performing certain motions, such as throwing. When this ligament is torn or damaged, it can lead to pain, elbow instability and loss of function.

When did PG get injured 2022?

β€” Feb. 3, 2022: Clippers coach Tyronn Lue confirmed George is set to undergo an MRI on his right elbow on Feb. 24.