What happens to AsyncTask if activity is destroyed?

If you start an AsyncTask inside an Activity and you rotate the device, the Activity will be destroyed and a new instance will be created. But the AsyncTask will not die. It will go on living until it completes. And when it completes, the AsyncTask won’t update the UI of the new Activity.

How do I convert AsyncTask to Coroutine?

Replacing AsyncTask with Coroutines Replacing this with a coroutine is easy. Just use the async() method. Kotlin’s async() runs on whichever Thread it was launched on, but does it asynchronously. This means you can update Views and such without having to worry about using the right Thread.

Why AsyncTask is used in Android?

In Android, AsyncTask (Asynchronous Task) allows us to run the instruction in the background and then synchronize again with our main thread. This class will override at least one method i.e doInBackground(Params) and most often will override second method onPostExecute(Result).

What is the problem with AsyncTask in Android?

“It is not a good idea to use ‘ AsyncTask ‘ as it is not attached to an activity life cycle. The virtual machine will hold on to the activity object as long as the Asynctask is running, even after Android has called onDestroy( ) method for the activity and expect it to be discarded.

How do you use AsyncTask in Kotlin?

Android AsyncTask is an abstract class that’s used to perform long operations in the background. We have to extend this class and implement the abstract methods to use async tasks in our app. The three type parameters of an asynchronous task are: Params : The type of the parameters sent to the AsyncTask.

How do you await coroutine?

You can use async to launch a coroutine that returns a Deferred value which can be accessed by calling await . From a simplistic perspective, you can treat it like a CompletableFuture to execute an operation on a separate thread and retrieve the result when complete.

What is difference between service and AsyncTask?

service is like activity long time consuming task but Async task allows us to perform long/background operations and show its result on the UI thread without having to manipulate threads.

What is alternative for AsyncTask in Android?

Alternative 1: Using Executor and Handler The executor will help in performing any task in the background and the handler will help to make UI changes.

What are the disadvantages of AsyncTask in Android?