What happened in chapter 8 the circuit?

By Francisco Jiménez It’s time to move from the grape vines in Fresno back to Corcoran for cotton. The good news is that at one of the cotton fields, Francisco and his family find work and a cabin to call home. The bad news is that Francisco doesn’t get his own sack for cotton-picking, and he’s upset about it.

What is the circuit by Francisco Jimenez about?

The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez is about a Mexican boy named Francisco and his family. They cross the border from Mexico to California for a better life as migrant workers. They pack up and move each season to find work only to endure hardships and the struggle of having to start over every few months.

What wakes Francisco up on Saturday morning What does this mean?(?

It rains heavily that night, which wakes Francisco several times. Every time he wakes up, he sees the glowing red tip of Papá’s cigarette or hears the rattle of the aspirin bottle. Francisco doesn’t mind the rain, because this means he can sleep in the next morning.

Why did Francisco stop playing kick the can?

Then, Francisco’s neighbor Carlos calls him from outside, asking him to come and play kick-the-can. Francisco likes the game, but he doesn’t enjoy playing with Carlos, who is older than him and a bully. Still, Francisco goes out to play, because he wants to forget about the long summer ahead.

What happened in chapter 9 of the circuit?

By November, Francisco and his family have stripped all the grapes. Roberto has to start picking cotton, but Francisco gets to go to school, which makes him kinda nervous. When he gets to school, Francisco has to remember how to talk in English again. He ends up in a sixth-grade classroom with a cool teacher named Mr.

What was Chapter 12 about in the circuit?

Sims offered Roberto a janitor position at a school instead, and he can have the job all year long. The family is stoked. So now Francisco spends his time memorizing the Declaration of Independence passage and helping his big brother out at his new job.

What type of story is The Circuit?

Children’s autobiographical novel
The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child

First edition
Author Francisco Jiménez
Genre Children’s autobiographical novel
Publisher University of New Mexico Press
Publication date 1997

Why does the family move at the beginning of the story in The Circuit?

Why does the family move at the beginning of the story? It changed seasons and it is now too cold. They were fired from the farm they worked at and had to find another job. They did not like working at the strawberry farm.

What theme is implied at the end of The Circuit when Panchito discovers the packed boxes?

What theme is implied at the end of “The Circuit” when Panchito discovers the packed boxes? Few things in life are lasting.

Who invented the game kick the can?

The origin is unknown, but during the Great Depression in the 1930s the game was a popular pastime because it did not require a playing field, nor any designated equipment other than a discarded can or other kickable object.

How old is Panchito in the circuit?

Panchito, an eleven year old boy and the second oldest to a Mexican migrant family, is new to working with his father and brother in the fields. The story follows part of their “circuit” as they move to different parts of the state depending on the season.

What happened in chapter 10 the circuit?

The next day Francisco is off to pick strawberries. He meets a new bloke named Gabriel, who’s picking strawberries for the first time. They all eat lunch together and learn that their new pal is a seriously hard worker who has three kids whom he sends money to each week.

What happened in Chapter 11 in the circuit?

After work, Francisco and Roberto get kerosene to work their kitchen stove, but when they pour it into the stove it turns out to be gasoline instead, and the stove lights on fire, basically setting the whole house aflame. Everyone has to leave, and Francisco’s notebook is still inside.

What is the setting of the story The Circuit?

Francisco and his family move all around California’s central coast, and each town they live in sees the family members harvesting different crops.

Is The Circuit based on a true story?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child is an autobiographical novel by Francisco Jiménez based in part on his journey from Mexico to the United States of America.

How does cajas de carton end?

At the end of the book, Papa can no longer work because long years of manual labor have ruined his back. Roberto tries to get a job in Santa Maria, so the family can settle down and have some financial security. Once Roberto finds a job, however, the Jimenez family is reported to Border Patrol.

What is the theme of the circuit?

Immigrants, Discrimination, and Injustice.

What do the boxes symbolize in the circuit?

The packed cardboard boxes mean they must move again to find new work. How do the cardboard boxes relate to the theme. The theme is that migrant workers have a hard life and they have to keep moving to find work.

How does Panchito feel about moving?

In “The Circuit”, how does the narrator, Panchito, feel about moving? He thinks that living in one place would be boring. He dislikes constantly moving from place to place.

What challenges do Panchito and his family face working on The Circuit?

Panchito has trouble speaking, reading, and writing in English. He has trouble making friends. Having to work at in the hot vineyards. Panchito has to avoid the school bus.

What is the climax of The Circuit?

L is an awesome teacher and he gets Francisco stoked about learning English. They only spend a wee bit of time together, but Mr. L makes a huge impact on our main man. In fact, Francisco will never be the same again, so even though it’s not super obvious, that’s how we know this is the climax.