What happened at the end of season 4 TVD?

Jeremy is alive! Not just “back from the dead while the veil is lifted” alive, either — like, really alive. It’s Bonnie’s last deed before she signs off to her very real death after spending the whole episode as a ghost pretending to be alive. Farewell, Bonnie — that’s quite an amazing parting gift.

How did season 4 end breaking bad?

Skyler asks Walt if he had caused the explosion and what happened, to which he simply replies, “I won”. The episode ends with a shot of a lily of the valley plant in Walt’s backyard, revealing that it was indeed Walt who poisoned Brock.

What happens at the end of Legacies season 4?

In the Legacies series finale, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) was able to find closure in a message from her father, Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and embark on a new chapter at the Salvatore School with Caroline (Candice King) serving as the interim headmaster.

What happened in season 4 episode 23 in TVD?

When Bonnie petrified Silas into a stone statue, it seemed like his identity might remain a secret forever but in The Vampire Diaries season 4 episode 23, the truth was revealed. Stefan was about to throw Silas’ petrified body in a quarry but found that his body was missing.

Who took the cure in season 4?

The Salvatores forced Katherine to bring them to the cure, but some quick thinking — and a fish tank full of vervain water — allowed Katherine to escape. Taking advantage of the sudden insanity, Rebekah snatched the cure and drank it in one mighty gulp, only to discover… it wasn’t the real cure!

Who poisoned the kid in Breaking Bad?

‘Breaking Bad’: Here’s How (And Why) Walter White Poisoned Brock Cantillo. Walter White commits dozens of heinous crimes during his quest for power on Breaking Bad, but perhaps one of the most despicable is poisoning a child to manipulate his partner, Jesse Pinkman.

Was Breaking Bad only supposed to have 4 seasons?

AMC decided to renew ‘Breaking Bad’ after FX showed interest According to Screen Rant, Gilligan was notified of Breaking Bad’s potential ending in 2010 after the third season. But the showrunner wasn’t done telling Walter White’s story and started shopping the show to other networks so he could keep it going.

Why is Breaking Bad so short?

The debut season consisted of just seven episodes that aired in the first few months of 2008. Vince Gilligan’s series was initially planned to have 9 episodes in season 1; however, the 2007 Writers’ Strike forced the season to be cut short – a fortuitous turn of events, according to Gilligan.

Is the flash Cancelled?

While The CW has cancelled nearly all of the Arrowverse dramas, the good news is that The Flash has not been cancelled and will return for the 2022-23 season. It remains to be seen whether the upcoming season will be its last, but fans can at least rest assured that The Flash has not been cancelled at the moment.

What is the season finale of Legacies?

June 16, 2022Legacies / Final episode date

Does Elena choose Damon at the end of season 4?

Elena’s emotions are turned off following Jeremy’s death, and what’s real and what isn’t becomes even blurrier than before. It’s not until the very end of the season that all is finally revealed. In a fan-favorite scene, Elena confesses her love for Damon after the sire bond is finally broken.

What are the 3 love triangles in TVD?

Love Triangles

  • Stefan, Elena, and Damon.
  • Silas, Amara, and Qetsiyah.
  • Klaus, Caroline, and Tyler.
  • Stefan, Caroline and Valerie.

What happens at the end of Season 4 of the Vampire Diaries?

Season four of The Vampire Diaries has wrapped up with a bang — excuse me, several bangs. This finale is action-packed — there are a couple of love confessions, more than one make-out, someone takes the cure, a dead person comes back to life, and there is a doppelganger reveal that basically blew my mind.

Is legacies season 4 the end of the Vampire Diaries?

The upcoming Legacies season 4 finale will serve as a proper ending to The Vampire Diaries series. Legacies premiered on The CW in 2018, however, many of its characters pre-date the show.

What did Elena say to Damon in Season 4 finale?

Despite professing her love to Stefan in the season three finale, the season four finale found her realizing that it’s always been Damon. “In death you’re the one that made me feel the most alive,” Elena told Damon. “You’ve been a terrible person …

How many episodes are there in Season 4 of the Walking Dead?

Unlike the previous seasons that aired in September, it premiered on October 11, 2012, to avoid competition from major television shows. Season 4 consisted of 23 episodes instead of the usual 22 episodes.