What genre is filth swans?


Are swans experimental?

Swans is an American experimental rock band formed in 1982 by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira.

How long is Filth Swans?

Filth (Swans album)

Recorded April 1983
Studio Vanguard Studios in New York City
Genre No wave noise rock industrial
Length 37:32

Can a Black Swan mate with a white swan?

Hybrid Swans The black swans could mate with white swans as a hybrid has been successfully bred in captivity and is called a blute swan. These birds would be an extraordinary site but may not be the best outcome for the swan population.

Has the Queen eaten swan?

Although the Queen is the only person allowed to eat a swan in the UK, she does not eat it for her Christmas dinner.

Can a duck give birth to a swan?

As you suspected, in general it’s not realistic that a duck would raise a swan, especially in the wild. INCUBATION: A swan’s egg is much bigger than a mallard’s, so the mother mallard (hen) is not physically equipped to incubate it.

Is there a pink swan?

A swan with pink feathers has been spotted in the St John’s area of Worcester. Bizarrely, the discolouration may be the result of people feeding swans stale, mouldy bread.

Does swan taste good?

Not all Swans are property of the Queen only Mute Swans. It is not Treason to kill a swan and it doesn’t carry the death penalty. Swans probably aren’t eaten because of the above myths surrounding them. However they aren’t very nice and taste a bit fishy.

Is it illegal to eat swans?

It took until 1998 for the law to change so it was no longer treasonous to eat a swan in the U.K. But as a native species, mute swans are now protected as wild birds under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act and under this law it is still illegal to keep or kill them.

Do swans fight to the death?

Territorial disputes can involve fights to the death – usually by drowning. A pair of swans will generally remain in the same area for life using the same nest site. Provided both swans remain healthy they will usually stay together.

Do swans have memory?

Swans have great memories Just like elephants, swans never forget. They will remember if you have been kind to them…or not so kind! Always keep this in mind when you come across a swan, particularly if you regularly pass the same one on your morning commute.

Can swans break your arm?

“If you approach a swan nest on the river, they might get aggressive and hiss and flap their wings, but the danger is over-rated and it’s a myth that they will break your leg or arm with their wings. “They are not that strong and it’s mostly show and bluster.”

What happened to the original Filth EP?

The EP was re-EQ’d by M. Gira and S. McAllister, remastered, and appended to the 1990 reissue of the follow-up album Filth LP on Gira’s own Young God label. On the reissue CD the tracks are in a different order; the tracks on each side of the EP are reversed.

When did Filth come out on the ygcd?

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What is the name of the sludge metal album with filth?

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What happened to Michael Gira of swans?

After the release of Swans’ 1982 debut EP, frontman Michael Gira and drummer Jonathan Kane were the only members to remain in the band. In 1983, when the band began work on its first full-length release, Gira was poor and sustained himself by doing occasional labor in the construction industry.