What episode of Glee do Marley and Ryder kiss?

Dynamic Duets

“Dynamic Duets”
Glee episode
Episode no. Season 4 Episode 7
Directed by Ian Brennan
Written by Ian Brennan

Do Marley and Ryder ever date Glee?

The Marley-Ryder Relationship, most commonly known as Ryley or Marder, is the relationship between Marley Rose and Ryder Lynn. They first meet in the The Role You Were Born to Play. They go on a date in Movin’ Out, but Marley does not want a relationship at the time so she turned him down.

Does Marley end up with Ryder or Jake?

Marley eventually is able to get through to Jake, and the two of them are amicable after Marley and Puck get married. Shortly after Marley and Puck get married, Marley finds out she’s pregnant with her and Puck’s first child.

Who cheated on Marley Glee?

In A Katy or A Gaga, Marley tells Jake that she is still insecure about getting intimate with him and they fight, leading Jake to cheat on her with Bree. In The End of Twerk, Marley finally finds out that Jake slept with Bree and breaks up with him.

How long did Marley date Ryder?

PHOTOS: Celebrity Splits of 2016. “The distance was an issue, things weren’t working,” a source tells Us Weekly. “It’s amicable and mutual.” Benoist and Jenner, 24, met on the Fox comedy and played Marley Rose and Ryder Lynn from 2012 to 2014.

Does Ryder date unique?

Dating Status: The Ryder-Unique Relationship (also known as Katie-Ryder Relationship) is the relationship between Ryder Lynn, and the mysterious online girl named Katie, whom Ryder met online, only to discover that her true identity is Unique. As Katie-Ryder, they are commonly known as Ratie.

What did Christine Quinn name her baby?

Throughout the season, Christine gave fans an inside look at her pregnancy and life as a new mom to her baby boy, Christian Georges Dumontet, 7 months, whom she shares with husband Christian Richard.