What episode does Song Joong Ki Running Man?

Before becoming popular now, actor Song Joong Ki was a regular member of Running Man early in his career. But only joining for 40 episodes, he decided to leave because he wanted to focus on acting. He also appeared in episode 66 and has not been a guest since then.

Who has left Running Man?

The current cast consists of six of the original members: Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin, and Song Ji Hyo. The announcement on the show’s cancellation came about after a divisive decision to drop Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo from the show’s regular line-up.

Why did Gary left Running Man?

In October 2016, the producers of Running Man announced the departure of Gary, who wanted to focus on his music career after being a regular member for nearly 7 years. His last filming with the main cast was for episode 324. However, he made a brief return in the following episode 325 as a guest.

Where can I watch Sixth Sense season 3?

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Why did Song Ji Hyo cut her hair?

Many staff members who had worked with Song Ji Hyo in the entertainment industry explained that the actress wanted to cut her hair short because she wanted to change her look. An official from the variety program production explained, “She wanted this latest short hairstyle to give a change in her style.

Is Song Joong ki leaving Running Man?

AKP STAFF. Having first joined the program less than a year ago, actor Song Joong Ki has announced that he will be leaving SBS’s “Running Man.”. The actor completed his final recording on April 18th and officially announced his departure then.

What happened between Jung Cheol min and Running Man?

Running Man producer Jung Cheol Min made a statement explaining his side of the story and how he believed that miscommunication was the source of the entire controversy. “There was a problem in the way we communicated. Before we could even say ‘What’s going on’ the situation got out of hand and misunderstandings had developed.

What is Song Joong ki’s next project after Han Ye seul?

Song Joong Ki is currently working on ” Every Little Makes Romance ” with Han Ye Seul. Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

Will Song Joong ki’s replacement be Jo Hyo jin?

His replacement is currently undecided.�PD Jo Hyo Jin stated, ” We haven’t thought of making an addition yet.�For now, we’ll be going ahead with the members that are left.” Song Joong Ki is currently working on ” Every Little Makes Romance ” with Han Ye Seul.