What does Yodeyma Wow scent smell like?

Yodeyma Wow Scent! is a young, masculine fragrance, full of positive energy, inspired by the fragrance of “Stronger With You” with a fougere/spicy scent. A perfume full of aromatic notes which gives the man who wears it the image of undeniable magnetism and masculinity.

What does Yodeyma power smell like?

The citrus Top notes, along with the cinnamon, bring a spicy freshness that is enhanced by the patchouli, resulting in an elegant and sensual perfume.

What does Yodeyma beach smell like?

Its subtle musky scent conveys a serene and clean attitude. It has the same perfumery notes (smells like) as in the Fierce (Aber & Fitch). It has Citrus fruits as the top notes.

What does Yodeyma Caribbean smell like?

This top selling scent is full, long lasting and features, A classic masculinity that is modernised with the fresh and mild spiced aroma with bergamot and earthy wood. The stable lines of bergamot and lavender point to a classic masculinity that is modernised with the soft tone of amber.

Are Yodeyma perfumes copies?

These are not counterfeit, but are generic eau de perfumes (you may already be aware of the term generic medicines) containing same molecules compounds of branded fragrances, having very small and subtle variations.

What does Yodeyma active man smell like?

The spiciness of ginger, cinnamon and myrrh creates an irresistible, provocative scent.

What does Yodeyma power woman smell like?

Yodeyma Power Woman is a long lasting Eau de Parfum. It is a bright mixture of raspberry with the smoothness of gardenia and the warmth of patchouli, to create a seductive and intense perfume. These perfumes are made from most elegant and sophisticated ingredients which are never tested on the animals.

What does Yodeyma peak smell like?

Yodeyma Peak is a long lasting Eau de Parfum for a bright and self confident man. The intensity of bergamot, together with the natural ferocity of leather, and the intensity of cocoa make this fragrance an unforgettable experience, that will invoke aromas and sensations from around the globe.