What does VESIcare do to the bladder?

Solifenacin is used to treat an overactive bladder. By relaxing the muscles in the bladder, solifenacin improves your ability to control your urination. It helps to reduce leaking of urine, feelings of needing to urinate right away, and frequent trips to the bathroom.

What does the drug VESIcare do?

Solifenacin (VESIcare) is used to treat overactive bladder (a condition in which the bladder muscles contract uncontrollably and cause frequent urination, urgent need to urinate, and inability to control urination).

What are the side effects of taking VESIcare?

Side effects of Vesicare include:

  • constipation,
  • dry mouth,
  • hoarse voice,
  • dry eyes,
  • blurred vision,
  • nausea,
  • loss of appetite,
  • upset stomach,

Which is better Myrbetriq or VESIcare?

Vesicare (solifenacin) is a good choice for treatment of overactive bladder if exercises and other behavioral methods haven’t worked. Myrbetriq (mirabegron) helps you to have better control over your urination. Myrbetriq (mirabegron) causes less drowsiness and constipation than other medicines for overactive bladder.

How long can I take VESIcare for?

Is it safe to take for a long time? Do not take solifenacin for longer than you need to. Your doctor will check every 6 to 12 months that your treatment is still needed. There may be an increased risk of confusion and possibly dementia in people taking solifenacin, but more study needs to be done.

Should you take VESIcare in the morning or at night?

Try to take the tablet at the same time of day each day, as this will help you to remember to take your doses regularly. You can take solifenacin either before or after meals. Swallow the tablet whole with a drink of water – do not chew or crush it before you swallow.

Does VESIcare cause dementia?

According to the articles described in this review, clinical studies that used solifenacin for a short period of up to 4 months showed no changes in cognition or increased incidence of dementia, showing that the use of this drug for a few months (up to 4 months) is safe, even in the elderly population using high daily …

What is the best substitute for Vesicare?

Prescription overactive bladder medications

  • Oxybutynin (Ditropan)
  • Tolterodine (Detrol, Detrol LA)
  • Fesoterodine (Toviaz)
  • Trospium.
  • Solifenacin (Vesicare)
  • Darifenacin (Enablex)

What is the best overactive bladder medication?

A combination of treatment strategies may be the best approach to relieve overactive bladder symptoms….Medications

  • Tolterodine (Detrol)
  • Oxybutynin, which can be taken as a pill (Ditropan XL) or used as a skin patch (Oxytrol) or gel (Gelnique)
  • Trospium.
  • Solifenacin (Vesicare)
  • Fesoterodine (Toviaz)
  • Mirabegron (Myrbetriq)

Should you take Vesicare in the morning or at night?

You can take your dose at any time but try to take it at the same time each day. Swallow your tablets whole with a drink of water, do not chew or crush them. You can take solifenacin with or without food.

Can vesicare cause dementia?

How long does it take for VESIcare to kick in?

How long does it take for solifenacin (Vesicare) to work? Most people start to notice improvement in symptoms about 4 weeks after starting solifenacin (Vesicare). It can take up to 12 weeks to see the full effects.

Can VESIcare cause weight gain?

Solifenacin should not cause you to lose or gain weight. However, very rarely solifenacin can make you feel less hungry, so you may lose weight. If you start to have problems with your weight while taking solifenacin, talk to your pharmacist or doctor.

Does Vesicare affect your kidneys?

VESIcare (solfenacin) does not often cause liver and kidney damage. However, tell your doctor if you already have liver or kidney disease or damage. Your doctor may adjust your dosage to allow your body to process your VESIcare safely.

How long can you take Vesicare?

Which is better Vesicare or oxybutynin?

Vesicare (solifenacin) Ditropan (oxybutynin) is good treatment for overactive bladder, but has more side-effects like dry mouth and constipation than other medicines that work similarly.

What is the safest overactive bladder medicine?

Fesoterodine is an effective drug; and when compared with other medications, flexibly dosed fesoterodine has the most favourable benefit‐safety profile; The importance of a personalised approach to the management of patients with OAB.

Can you take VESIcare long term?

Take as directed Solifenacin is used for long-term treatment. It comes with serious risks if you don’t take it as prescribed. If you stop taking the drug or don’t take it at all: Your OAB symptoms will likely not improve.

Does vesicare cause dementia?

How long does it take for vesicare to kick in?

Can VESIcare cause dementia?

Is Vesicare better than oxybutynin?

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