What does true bone mean in hwarang?

True Bone (Jingol) Below the sacred bone came the “true bone”, or jingol (진골, 眞骨). Members of the true bone could hold any official position, up to the level of full minister. They could also attain office rank up to the highest, ibolchan (이벌찬).

What does sacred bone mean?

The designation of a person’s hereditary bone-rank signified how closely they were related to royalty, and thus what rights and privileges they had in society. The highest bone-rank was seonggol or “sacred bone,” made up of people who were members of the royal family on both sides.

What is half breed in hwarang?

A “half-breed” (derogative term for an offspring born to a Jingol father and a low-class mother), with a cheerful and straightforward personality. She works multiple jobs to support her family.

Why is the sacrum considered holy?

The os sacrum was so named by the Romans as a direct translation from the older Greek hieron osteon, which translates to “sacred” or “holy.” It was used in sacrificial rites and in protecting the genitalia (which in ancient times were considered sacred).

What is a Wonhwa in Hwarang?

Wŏnhwa. Subsequently, the Wonhwa title was granted to female spiritual leaders of the Hwarang. “The term Won Hwa is often incorrectly used to represent a single individual; in fact, Won Hwa was a group of highly revered Buddhist nuns who spiritually guided these Buddhist monastic warriors.”

Is lieutenant higher than sergeant?

Lieutenant: Wearing a single gold or silver bar, a lieutenant supervises two to three or more sergeants.

What is a 3 star private?

Irish Army

Rank group Non-commissioned officer Enlisted
Irish Army v t e
Sergeant major Maor-Sáirsint Cathlán/Reisimint Private, 3 star Saighdiúr Singil, 3 Réalta
Abbreviation BSM/RSM Pte/Gnr/Tpr 3*

What is the etymology of sacrum?

sacrum (n.) compound bone at the base of the spine, 1753, from Late Latin os sacrum “sacred bone,” from Latin sacrum, neuter of sacer “sacred” (see sacred). Said to be so called because the bone was the part of animals that was offered in sacrifices. The Late Latin phrase is a translation of Greek hieron osteon.

What is the Wonhwa system?

The Wonhwa were a class of female warrior cadets in 6th-century Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. It is not clear to what extent they ever engaged in battle. Created in the reign of King Jinheung, the first group of Wonhwa consisted of about 300 young girls chosen for their beauty and skill.

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