What does f1 mean on Suzuki GSXR?

The FI is for Fuel Injection on the ’06’s. I would assume it’s the same for all. My red light and indicator came on this morning, I let it run for 15 mins. I shut the bike off, then restarted it, and now it’s off.

What does f1 light mean on motorcycle?

FI light (fuel injection)

What is FI indicator light?

A F.I light usually indicates that a sensor is not giving the right feedback.

What is Suzuki FI?

Suzuki Eco Performance is a cutting edge culmination of Suzuki Engine Technologies, coupled with Suzuki Fuel Injection (FI) System to achieve the best of both worlds – Maximum Power and Optinum Fuel. S = Suzuki.

What does FI mean on my motorcycle?

Motorcycle Fuel Injection (Fi) System Explained.

What does fi mean motorcycle?

Fuel Injected
Fuel Injected motorcycles are fast taking over carbureted ones, which until the beginning of the new millennium ruled the roost. It wasn’t until 1980 that fuel injection made its way on a street going bike. As things stand today, almost every premium motorcycle comes equipped with an FI system.

What is Suzuki Sep technology?

SEP (Suzuki Eco Performance) is a new developmental concept. proposed by Suzuki. At Suzuki, we pay great attention to riding performance, and. “SEP” stands for our next-generation engine that offers. both low fuel consumption and superior acceleration.

What is a STV eliminator?

The STV Eliminator plugs into the bike’s wiring loom directly. With the help of this small unit, you’re able to remove the whole secondary valve assembly with the actuator motor, the butterfly valve plates and the rod/shaft too.

Which is better carb or FI?

So, which is better? Fuel injection has an upper hand when it comes to performance, fuel efficiency, and better throttle response. While the FI system may cost you more, the long-term aspects of the FI system are better than a carburetor.

What is the benefit of SEP technology of Suzuki?

SEP (an acronym for Suzuki Eco Performance) is Suzuki’s latest development for their 2-wheeler motors. It is meant to deliver an amalgamation of both high fuel efficiency and superior acceleration. It does that by efficient designing of engine components and minimizing mechanical losses.

What is Sep bike?

What does FI light mean on motorcycle?