What discernment means?

Definition of discernment 1 : the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure : skill in discerning. 2 : an act of perceiving or discerning something.

Is Daftness a word?

[Middle English defte, dafte, humble, uncouth, awkward; see deft.] daft′ly adv. daft′ness n.

What is the synonyms of discernment?

Some common synonyms of discernment are acumen, discrimination, insight, penetration, and perception. While all these words mean “a power to see what is not evident to the average mind,” discernment stresses accuracy (as in reading character or motives or appreciating art).

What is discernment biblically?

In Christianity, the word may have several meanings. Discernment can describe the process of determining God’s desire in a situation or for one’s life or identifying the true nature of a thing, such as discerning whether a thing is good, evil, or may even transcend the limiting notion of duality.

What does malignity mean in the Bible?

malignity – wishing evil to others. malevolence. hate, hatred – the emotion of intense dislike; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action. maleficence – doing or causing evil. malice, maliciousness, spite, spitefulness, venom – feeling a need to see others suffer.

What’s the opposite of discernment?

Opposite of an intuitive understanding and insight. ignorance. stupidity. imprudence. inability.

What is the opposite meaning of discernment?

Antonyms. folly imprudence tactlessness wisdom powerlessness unsoundness bad. wiseness circumspection discretion wisdom prudence. discernment (English)

How do I learn to discern?

Learn to Discern starts with building awareness of how the information space and its new features (such as speed, volume, and reach of information) interplay with human cognitive biases and emotional needs to produce filter bubbles, limit our choices, and push us into split-second decisions.

What is biblical discernment?

The fundamental definition for Christian discernment is a decision making process in which an individual makes a discovery that can lead to future action. In the process of Christian spiritual discernment God guides the individual to help them arrive at the best decision.

What is blasphemy in the Bible?

: the crime of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God or a religion and its doctrines and writings and especially God as perceived by Christianity and Christian doctrines and writings.

What is guile in the Bible?

This word “guile” is defined in the dictionary as “insidious cunning, or deception, or duplicity”. So Nathanael is “without deception”. In fact, this quality of being without deception is sometimes called “integrity” or “trustworthiness”. It is a most God-like characteristic.

How can we grow in discernment?

We’re not lacking information, but we’re always in need of greater discernment….Four Ways We Can Grow in Discernment

  1. Realize that there are false teachers. Beloved, do not believe every spirit…
  2. Put all teachers to the test.
  3. Ask God for help.
  4. Listen to the Word.

How do you show discernment?

There are seven steps of discernment to be followed that include identifying the issue, taking time to pray about the choice, making a wholehearted decision, discussing the choice with a mentor and then finally trusting the decision made.