What conjugation is Defendere?

second-person singular present passive indicative/imperative.

What kind of word is Defendere in Latin?


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Translation to defend, protect
Verb Forms third
First Stem defendo
Second Stem defendere

What conjugation is mitto Mittere?


Conjugation of mitto (third conjugation)
indicative singular
active present mitte
future mittitō
passive present mittere

What is the meaning of vindex?

Noun. vindex (plural vindices) (historical) An official who supervised tax collection in the ancient Roman Empire.

Is mitto 3rd conjugation?

Latin 3rd conjugation – forms of MITTO, MITTERE (to send): present, imperfect, future, perfect tense, infinitive, imperative.

What is the Russian word for angel?

Angel translate to Russian meanings: ангел….Angel in Russian.

English Russian
Angel ангел

What conjugation is Rego?

Present indicative rego regis regit regimus regitis regunt Future indicative regam reges reget regemus regetis regent Perfect indicative rexi rexisti rexit reximus rexistis rexerunt
Present participle regens, -ntis Future participle recturus, -a, -um Perfect infinitive rexisse

What is Rego in English?

Definition of ‘rego’ a. the registration of a motor vehicle.

What does Dosvedanya mean in English?

Dosvedanya. Goodbye or bye-bye in Russian.

Can a paladin be evil?

Paladins can be any of alignment, although evil paladins are extremely rare. However, their oath and their alignment can either be in harmony, or their oath might represent standards that they have not yet attained.

What is Reggo slang?

(ˈrɛdʒəʊ) n. (Automotive Engineering) slang. a. the registration of a motor vehicle.