What brigade are the Irish Guards in?

Irish Guards
Size One battalion
Part of Guards Division – Overall 1st Battalion – 11th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters South East
Garrison/HQ RHQ — London 1st Battalion — Light Infantry Aldershot
Nickname(s) The Micks” “Bob’s Own

How many battalions are there in the Irish Guards?

1 Battalion 558
One way to distinguish between the five regiments of Foot Guards is the spacing of the buttons on their tunics….

Irish Guards
Size 1 Battalion 558 personnel 1 Reserve Company
Part of Guards Division
Garrison/HQ RHQ — London 1st Battalion — Aldershot Garrison

Where did the Irish Guards serve in ww2?

in June 1944, the 2nd and 3rd Irish Guards (raised in 1941) landed in Normandy. They went on to fight at Caen (1944), before joining the advance into Belgium and Holland. In September 1944, both battalions joined 30 Corps’ advance to relieve the airborne troops at Arnhem. It then fought its way into Germany.

Who was the 2nd Battalion Irish Guards?

William Francis Keegan 2nd Btn. Irish Guards (d.22nd January 1943) Guardsman Keegan was the son of William Thomas and Emily Alice Keegan, of Kilmonogue. He was 32 when he died and is buried in the Glenealy Church of Ireland Churchyard, Glenealy, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Add to this record. L/Cpl. James Lynam 2nd Btn. Irish Guards (d.24th May 1940)

Did the Irish Guards fight in WW2?

The Irish Guards returned to France in June 1944 when the 2nd and 3rd Irish Guards took part in the Normandy Campaign. Both battalions served as part of the Guards Armoured Division and took part in the attempt to capture Caen as part of Operation Goodwood.

What did the 2nd Battalion do in WW2?

The 2nd Battalion first saw action in the Hook of Holland as part of a small infantry force sent to the Netherlands to help protect and evacuate the Dutch government. On 13 May, the Battalion landed with a solitary German plane dropping a bomb which exploded nearby as the unit disembarked.

How many companies are in 1st Battalion Irish Guards?

The 1st Battalion Irish Guards is broken down into five separate Companies; three rifle companies, No.1, No.2, and No.4 Companies, along with No.3 (Support) Company, and the Headquarters Company. The Support Company has a Recon, Anti-Tank, Sniper and Mortar Platoons.