What are the team names in Dodgeball the movie?

Of course, you could use the names from the movie Dodgeball—the Average Joe’s or Globo Gym’s Purple Cobras.

Who was the villain in dodgeball?

White Goodman
White Goodman is the main antagonist of the sports comedy film Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. He is the founder of Globo Gym and the leader of the dodgeball team known as the Globo Gym Purple Cobras.

What is the name of the gym in dodgeball?

Average Joe’s Gym and its owner, Peter La Fleur (Vince Vaughn), are both down on their luck. A fancy competing gym called Globo-Gym, run by the maniacal health nut White Goodman (Ben Stiller), is about to put Average Joe’s out of business unless Peter can raise $50,000 to keep his mortgage.

Who did average Joes play?

16 Years Ago, Average Joe’s Gym Defeated The Globo Gym Purple Cobras In Las Vegas.

Who owns Globo gym in dodgeball?

White Goodman (Ben Stiller) is the owner and founder of Globo Gym, and would love nothing more than owning Average Joe’s Gymnasium.

What can I name my team?

Good team names for work

  • The Water Coolers.
  • The Scanners.
  • Boss Mode.
  • Lunch Room Bandits.
  • Never Overtime.
  • We Break for No-one.
  • Desk Champions.
  • Office Heroes.

What is a good name for a dodgeball team?

Artful Dodgers: Artful Dodgers can be the name of a team that can skillfully dodge the ball. 2. Block Dodgers 3. Dodgebulls 4. Dodge Chargers

What are some Cool Girl Scout dodgeball teams?

Girl Scout Dodgeballers 74. Girls’ Beastie Balls: A team of girls who can throw powerful balls at their opponent. 75. Girl Scout Dropouts 76. Power-dodge Girls: Power-dodge Girls is a twist of the popular cartoon ‘Powerpuff Girls’. 77. Swans of Dodge Moore 78. The Backstreet Valkyries, like the pop band ‘Backstreet Boys.’ 80.

What is Dodge the Beastie balls?

Guys Dodge the Beastie Balls: A team of cool players who swiftly dodge from opponent’s powerful balls. 94. League of Hot Dodgers

What is on the dodgeball DVD?

Here’s a fun fact for you: the Dodgeball DVD contains an alternate ending of the movie in which the Purple Cobras won and the Average Joe’s went home with nothing! Audiences didn’t respond well to this, so a new one was filmed in which the underdog won, defeating the evil corporate giant.