What are the sectors in Bursa Malaysia?


  • Tin.
  • Electronic Manufacturing.
  • Garment Manufacturing.
  • Industrial Specialties.
  • Manufacturing System Improvement.
  • Electronic Device.
  • Cable and Wire.
  • How many sectors are there in Bursa Malaysia?

    The indices comprise the constituents of the FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS Indes and are categorised into 10 industry, 19 supersector, and 39 sector indices.

    What is Bursa Malaysia main market?

    Main Market is a prime market for established companies that have met the standards in terms of quality, size and operations. Potential issuers for the Main Market must demonstrate that they have achieved minimum profit track record or minimum size measured by market capitalization.

    What is ACE market Malaysia?

    ACE Market is a sponsor-driven market designed for companies with growth prospects. It was formerly known as the MESDAQ Market prior to 3 August 2009.

    Who is the largest employer in Malaysia?

    Are You Familiar With Malaysia’s Top 10 Biggest Companies?

    • Public Bank Berhad (RM67.
    • CIMB Group (RM58.
    • Sime Darby Berhad (RM55.
    • Axiata Group Berhad (RM55. 37 billion)
    • Petronas Chemicals Group (RM54. 40 billion)
    • Maxis Berhad (RM52. 01 billion)
    • Petronas Gas Berhad (RM46. 50 billion)
    • Genting Group (RM37. 38 billion)

    What is ACE market Bursa?

    How does bursa make money?

    The securities market is the main income contributor to Bursa Malaysia. It accounted for 73.0% of Bursa Malaysia’s group revenues in 2016. This division operates the Malaysian stock market which houses 904 public-listed companies worth over RM1. 6 trillion in total market capitalization.

    How many manufacturing companies are there in Malaysia?

    Today, as the largest private sector economic organisation in Malaysia representing over 3,000 manufacturing and industrial service companies of varying sizes, the FMM is the officially recognised and acknowledged voice of the industry. Making Malaysian Industries Globally Competitive.

    What is manufactured in Malaysia?

    Manufacturing activities in Malaysia are made up of rubber and oil palm processing and manufacturing, electronics, smelting, logging and timber processing. Electronics is one of the major growth industries within the country.

    What is main leap and ace?

    The three markets are, the Main Market, the Access, Certainty, Efficiency (“ACE”) Market and the Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform (“LEAP”) Market.

    What is the difference between ACE and main market?

    While the Main Market consists of established companies with strong track records, the ACE Market facilitates the listing of emerging companies.

    Why do companies want to be in Bursa Malaysia?

    Benefits of Listing on Bursa Malaysia Efficient time-to-market. Cost effective listing destination. Strong investor protection regime under a sound regulatory framework. Transparent and fully automated marketplace.

    Is Bursa a good investment?

    Based on dividends, Bursa’s current yield of 4.1% is near the top end of its yield range over the last 10 years. If you’re a Malaysian dividend investor, then this might be a worthwhile opportunity to have at Bursa Malaysia if you have an interest in the company.