What are the enemies in Half Life 2?


  • Antlion.
  • Antlion Guard.
  • Barnacle.
  • Fast Headcrab.
  • Fast Zombie.
  • Headcrab.
  • Ichthyosaur.
  • Leech.

Where does Half Life 2 take place?

Eastern Europe
Half-Life 2 didn’t just give us an original setting; it introduced many in the West to a whole new style of landscape, geography, and architecture. City 17 may have been fictional, but the influences were plain to see. Set somewhere in Eastern Europe, the metropolis drew clearly from real post-Soviet spaces.

Who enslaved the Vortigaunts?

the Nihilanth
Brief glimpses into the Vortigaunt culture can be gained by occasional speeches given by them in Half-Life 2, and in scenes during the original Half-Life. In the original game, Vortigaunts were enslaved by the Nihilanth and used as workers and drone soldiers.

Why do snarks explode half life?

To add insult to injury, a snark will explode about twenty seconds after they start attacking, spraying acid everywhere. The Snark emits a high-pitched squeak with each bite, which gets higher and higher in pitch the longer it stays in its “attack mode” before finally exploding.

What is a Grumkin?

Creatures known as “grumkins” and “snarks” are mythical creatures that appear in Westerosi folktales. They are supposedly the kind of monsters that little children hear about in nursery stories, the kind spoken of in the same breath as ghosts, goblins, vampires, the bogeyman, etc.

How tall is the HL2 Citadel?

His measurements in Blender concluded that the Citadel is “27,580 feet or 8,406 meters. It was also 860 meters wide and went 230 meters underground.” If Rscreamroad is correct, that’s considerably taller than the height of 2,569 meters.

Is The Citadel alive hl2?

At the end of the game, the Citadel’s collapsed remains are all that is left of the once tall and overpowering structure.