What are the dimensions of a 3-compartment sink?

Compartment size ranges from (inches) 16 x 18 to 30 x 24, with all the increments in between. The most common sizes are 16 x 18 or 16 x 20, and they usually run 12- to 14-inches high. Noting your menu and capacity will help determine which bowl size you’ll need.

What are the 3 compartments of a commercial sink used for?

As indicated in the name, the 3-compartment sink method requires three separate sink compartments, one for each step of the warewash procedure: wash, rinse, and sanitize.

What is a 3 comp sink?

The three sink method is the manual procedure for cleaning and sanitizing dishes in commercial settings. Rather than providing additional workspace to perform the same function, the three compartments allow kitchen staff to wash, rinse, and sanitize dishes. Each step has its own set of rules and requirements.

How many gallons does a 3-compartment sink hold?

Generally, three compartment sinks can measure 18”x18” with a 14 gallon per compartment capacity or and 24”x24” for a 25 gallon capacity per compartment. Now, this can differ depending on the size of the sink, as stated earlier. If you have a compartment sink for a bar, these usually hold six gallons per compartment.

Can you wash your hands in a 3 compartment sink?

No. A 3-compartment sink cannot be used for hand washing. Hand-washing sinks are required for hand washing.

How much does it cost to install a commercial sink?

Sink Installation Cost Calculator

Item Low
National Average Price $500 $500
Typical Price Range $350 – $2,000 $350 – $2,000
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How hot should water be in a 3 compartment sink?

The FDA requires water temperature at minimum of 110 degrees for washing dishes in a three-compartment sink. When first filled up, with the use of a thermometer, most operations can easily meet this.

Do you need a 3 compartment sink if you have a dishwasher?

What type of food service establishments need a 3-compartment sink? Every food service establishment must have either a 3-compartment sink or a properly functioning commercial dishwasher to operate legally. The division encourages every establishment to have a 3-compartment sink.

How many hand sinks are required in a commercial kitchen?

Equipment Requirements For A Commercial Kitchen At the bare minimum, you will need to have the following equipment: Three Sinks: As mentioned earlier, you will need a minimum of three separate sinks for handwashing, food washing, and mops.

What temperature should water be in a 3 compartment sink?

Can I put a sink in my garage?

You can certainly install a utility sink in your garage. It is a relatively simple DIY project, if you have some experience in plumbing. You also have the option of using a portable sink that does not require any plumbing.

What is the PPM for a 3 compartment sink?

The third sink compartment shall be labeled “sanitizer” and hold 100 ppm of chlorine (submerge utensils in the sanitizer for 30 seconds) or 200 ppm of “Quat” (Submerge utensils in the sanitizer for 60 seconds).

How many sinks do I need in a commercial kitchen?

There is no set code for number of sinks or drainboards, but your commercial kitchen design consultant should advise you as to which is best for your particular situation. Preparation sinks area always indirectly drained.

What is a 3 compartment sink used for?

A 3 compartment sink is great for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing in your dishroom or for cleaning food in your kitchen.

What kind of sink fits in a corner?

Corner Sinks. These versatile three compartment sinks are specifically designed to fit into corners in your kitchen or dish room. Straight Back Sinks. These three compartment sinks have straight backs and are designed to be placed against walls.

What type of sink do you need for your business?

If you need products with space for organization and drying, you’ll even find models with one or two drainboards. All of these sinks are also made from type 304 or type 430 stainless steel, so you can rest assured they’re durable and built to last. We also offer items in several gauges to meet your establishment’s specific needs.