What are the best seats at the Hollywood Bowl?

Best Concert Seats Head-on to the Stage: Seats directly across from the stage, like those in Section T1, Section G1, Garden Box 4 and Section H provide the most comfortable looks of the performance. Even upper level sections offer unobstructed sitelines.

Can you bring your own food to Hollywood Bowl?

What can I bring? You’re welcome to bring your own food and drink* to the Hollywood Bowl. Bringing alcohol is dependent on the type of event you’re attending. For LA Phil-presented events, feel free to bring wine bottles, wine glasses and beer bottles inside.

Are Hollywood Bowl seats comfortable?

The vast majority of seating at the bowl (aside from the box seats) is super cramped with very little legroom. It’s a real pain to get in an out of your seat to go to the bathroom or get a drink without causing a ruckus if you’re in the middle of a row.

How much is a box seat at the Hollywood Bowl?

The most expensive tickets will run around $384 for pool circle or garden box seats at special events, and up to $228 for Saturday night performances.

How many people does the Hollywood Bowl box seat?

Today, Pool Circle tickets are among the Bowl’s most expensive seats. 8. The Hollywood Bowl attendance record is 26,410 for French singer Lily Pons in 1936. Today, the Bowl’s capacity is 18,000.

Can I bring a backpack to the Hollywood Bowl?

May I bring my handbag/backpack into the auditorium? All bags are subject to search by security officers. Security may require that large handbags or backpacks be left at the Coat Check in the lobby.

Is the Hollywood Bowl worth it?

The sound quality was great, the view outstanding and the whole history and feel of the place was really very cool! Now, a note to the ‘uninitiated’… Prices are high, but for the experience it is probably worth it – once. If buying tickets online (as I did), you may get an amazing seat BUT be forewarned.

Does it get cold at the Hollywood Bowl?

Bring the Essentials Wearing comfortable clothing and shoes is a must for navigating the grounds of the Hollywood Bowl, and make sure you bring along a light jacket or blanket in case it gets chilly in the evening.

Can you bring water bottles into the Hollywood Bowl?

You can bring factory-sealed plastic bottles with non-alcoholic beverages – as long as they’re one liter or less. Reusable liquid containers (such as Nalgene bottles) are permitted – as long as they’re empty. There are 3 water stations throughout the Hollywood Bowl.

Can I take a purse to the Hollywood Bowl?

Is SeatGeek legit for Hollywood Bowl?

Yes, SeatGeek is reliable. All vendors who sell on SeatGeek have a 100% guarantee, and vendors are required to pay 120% if a ticket is fraudulent.

Can I bring a bag to Hollywood Bowl?

All containers, picnic baskets and coolers must be able to fit under your seats or within your box. Containers, picnic baskets, and coolers measuring more than 15 inches wide, 15 inches high, or 22 inches long won’t be allowed past the ticket gates.

Can I bring a backpack into Hollywood Bowl?

How do I get a picnic box for the bowl?

Pick up pre-ordered Picnic Boxes in the Plaza Marketplace then enjoy at one of the Bowl’s beautiful picnic areas or at your seats. Pre-order online by 4pm the day before your concert and your picnic box will be waiting for you at the Plaza Marketplace.

What kind of food do they serve at the bowl?

With a range of offerings from L.A.’s diverse foodscape, our Street Food stands serve up tacos, specialty all-beef hotdogs, vegetarian and vegan friendly fare, gourmet pizza, burgers, BBQ, and popcorn. Don’t forget we’ve got dessert too! Come early and enjoy a picnic in one of the Bowl’s 14 beautiful picnic areas located around the Bowl.

What is Supper in your box seats at supper supper?

Supper In Your Seats Supper In Your Box Seats Enjoy a delightful pre-concert meal served to you in the comfort of your box seats. Menu selections include Suzanne Goin’s three-course menus*, family style feasts, à la carte starters, main courses, desserts and wine.

How do I place an order for pickup at the bowl?

Visit the links below, text “hbfw” to 474747, or scan a QR code throughout the Hollywood Bowl to place your order for pickup at one of our street food pickup locations throughout The Bowl. Take advantage of ordering as you arrive or from your seats and we will text you when your order is ready.