What are supermarkets like in France?

Generally speaking, supermarkets in France are relatively inexpensive, particularly outside of city center areas. You’ll also have plenty of variety when it comes to choosing products. They are well-stocked with good quality fresh produce and dried groceries and most also have in-store bakeries.

How is grocery shopping different in France?

American supermarkets tend to be organized by purpose. For example, baking chocolate is with the baking stuff while chocolate for eating can usually be found with the candy. On the other hand, French grocery stores are typically organized by the type of product. So in France, all the chocolate is in the same aisle.

Why do the French shop for groceries daily?

The French are known to love fresh, local, and unprocessed foods. Studies increasingly show how access to fresh, healthy food is better for our bodies. The French manage this by visiting farmers markets or specialty shops—like cheesemongers and patisseries—where food is prepared daily.

Are grocery bags free in France?

According to the French government, 5 billion plastic bags are given out at checkout counters in France each year, and 12 billion are used to wrap fruit and vegetables. The ban came into force just in time for International Plastic Bag Free Day on July 3.

Does France have plastic bags?

It’s refreshing to hear some good news, and today’s comes from France. They have announced that all single-use plastic bags will be banned from shops from the 1st July 2016 as part of their drive against pollution!

Is plastic banned in France?

Article France: Government Bans Single-Use Plastic Packaging for Various Perishable Products. On January 1, 2022, a ban on single-use plastic packaging for the sale of approximately 30 types of fruits and vegetables took effect in France.

Do they have Aldi in France?

Internationally, Aldi Nord operates in Denmark, France, the Benelux countries, Portugal, Spain and Poland, while Aldi Süd operates in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, China, Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

Are there supermarkets in France?

While supermarkets and hypermarkets are the main retail outlets for everyday shopping throughout France, small traditional groceries, even completely independent mom-and-pop stores, still survive in old towns and particularly in small country towns.