What are some debate topics for high school?

Religion has no place in schools.

  • Girls face more peer pressure than boys.
  • The voting age should be lowered to 16.
  • Humans should not eat animals.
  • Democracy is the best form of government.
  • All Americans should be required to vote.
  • Cigarette smoking and vaping should be banned entirely.
  • Giving is better than receiving.

Where can I find debate topics?

Recommended Websites for an Argumentative Paper

  1. ProCon.org. Find unbiased pro and con information on 42 controversial issues.
  2. International Debate Education Association. Search for statistics, topics, and articles listing pros and cons on a large amount of themes.
  3. Debate Central.

What are the most debatable questions?

The 10 most controversial questions ever asked

  1. Is There Life After Death?
  2. Is There Life on Other Planets?
  3. Is It Ethical to Eat Meat?
  4. Should Murderers and Other Brutal Criminals Be Executed?
  5. Does God Exist?
  6. Is Animal Experimentation Justified?
  7. Should Drugs Be Legal?
  8. Is Torture Ever Justified?

What is a good topic for a group discussion?

Group Discussion Topics on Current Affairs Digital payments are secure and India is ready to go cashless. Chinese goods are a threat to Indian businessmen and economy. Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign is better than the old ‘Made in India’ campaign. Demonetization is a successful and effective move.

What is a good speech topic for high school?

25 High School Speech Topics

  • Joining the debate club will help you be successful in College/University.
  • High school is the best time of your life.
  • High school is a waste of time.
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Should parents be held legally responsible for their children’s actions?