What are good ideas for a first YouTube video?


  • Introduce Yourself.
  • Make A Response Video.
  • Start A Vlog.
  • An Opinion Video.
  • A Challenge Video.
  • Review Something!
  • What’s On My Phone?
  • Favorite Songs.

How do I challenge my 7 year old?

How to Challenge Your Child When School’s Too Easy

  1. Find free classes. Most libraries offer classes on a variety of topics, such as chess, learning about various cultures or a book discussion group.
  2. Try board games.
  3. Track weather.
  4. Help nature.
  5. Cook up challenges.
  6. Get dirty in the garden.
  7. Try sewing.
  8. Dig into science.

Who created the 24 hour challenge?

Scott McCloud
As originator of the challenge, Scott McCloud has established rules for a comic to qualify: It must be begun and completed within 24 consecutive hours.

How do I punish my 8 year old for lying?

The cover-up.

  1. Stay calm, and don’t take it personally. Instead, use it as an opportunity to teach her about honesty.
  2. Find out why she’s covering up.
  3. Explain why it’s wrong to lie.
  4. Focus on the motive, not the lie.
  5. Decide on reasonable — but not overly harsh — consequences.
  6. Tell her that you love her anyway.

Are 24 hour challenges illegal?

Several store chains and companies have spoken out against the challenge, and participants risk being banned from stores or facing criminal charges for trespassing, criminal damage and breaking and entering.

What is the overnight challenge at Target?

21 titled “24 HOUR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE IN TARGET (CAUGHT?!?),” Larose and Fischer filmed themselves walking into a Target 30 minutes before it closed and then hiding in order to stay at the store overnight.

Why is my 6 year old lying so much?

Young kids might lie to see what happens. Kids who feel bad about themselves might lie to seem cooler. Depressed or anxious kids might lie because they don’t want others to worry. Sometimes kids with ADHD just talk before they think.