What are German cuss words?

Single-Word Swears

German English equivalent Vulgarity level
Schlampe b*tch high
Fotze cnt/motherfcker high
Miststück btch/bstard medium
verdammt godd*mmit mild

Is scheibe a curse word?

Right, but Scheibe is a word itself as well. Of course it is, but it’s not a curse.

What does Dunkoff mean in German?

noun. blockhead [noun] (informal) a stupid person.

What does Dum Coff mean?

a stupid person; dumbbell; blockhead. GOOSES. GEESES.

What is Kopf?

Kopf noun. head, top, mind, heading, bowl.

What is the meaning of Macht?

noun. power [noun] authority or control. powerfulness [noun] might [noun] power or strength.

What is Schweinhund English?

noun. A despicable, troublesome, or unpleasant person. Often as an abusive form of address. Chiefly used where the speaker or referent is German. Compare swine-dog , swine-hound .

Is the German dirty language meant in a negative way?

Not all of it is meant in a negative way though. Here are some examples you are likely to come across when spending time with Germans (warning: German dirty language is very fixated on butts and excrements). 1.

Are there any bad words in German?

While bad words are used commonly in conversation among native German speakers, you probably won’t find them in a vocabulary lesson in your textbook or online course. Despite sounding quite harsh and intimidating, German swears are easy to remember once you learn their literal translations and even more fun to say.

What are some good swear words to say in German?

Du blöder Idiot! ➔ You stupid idiot! Sprich nicht mit mir, du verrückter Mann! ➔ Do not talk to me crazy man! Verdammt! ➔ Dammit! Was zur Hölle? ➔ What the hell? *List of German swear words and insults last updated: March 21, 2018.