What are diamond chisels used for?

The diamond point chisel is used for cleaning out corners or difficult places and pulling over centre punch marks wrongly placed for drilling.

What is a diamond chisel?

Definition of diamond-point chisel : a cold chisel having a diamond-shaped cutting face for cutting V grooves or sharp internal corners.

What is the purpose of half round chisel?

Half round nose chisels, or gouge chisels are used for cutting round grooves in metal or other specialty applications such as cutting semi-circular grooves for oil ways in bearings.

What is cow mouth chisel?

Cow Mouth Chisel. In these types of chisel, Its shape is like that of the broad mouth of a cow. That is why it is known as cow mouth chisel. Edges of the protruding parts of plain metal and rivet heads and big round holes are made with it. Its forging angle is at an angle.

What Grit is the smooth side of leather?

Diamond spray/paste, which is common among many knife makers and straight razor enthusiasts, is available in grits from 15,000 to 160,000. It is applied to the top grain (smooth side) of the leather for the best results.

What tool is used to punch holes in leather?

Round drive punches
Round drive punches are thin, cylindrical steel tools used to cut holes in leather. The cutting end is made of a sharpened edge around a hollow metal tip. There is usually an opening in the cylinder near the cutting end. The other end of drive punches is solid steel.

What are pricking irons for?

A pricking iron is used to mark your stitches on your work enabling you to create even, equally spaced and symmetrically slanted stitches with the aide of a diamond point awl during stitching.

Which side of leather do you sharpen?

The best surface for stropping is leather. When stropping a straight razor, the smooth side of the leather strop is most effective, and the suede is best for larger blades such as a carving knife.

Do I use smooth or rough side of leather for strop?

Straight razors are traditionally stropped on smooth leather. The grain side surface is perfect for the delicate, low angle edges found on straight razors. Many carvers and knife sharpeners use suede strops. The nap of the suede holds onto the compound well allowing the strop to be loaded easily.