Is wulfenite a gem?

Wulfenite is a rare secondary mineral and very beautiful gem. It is rare because crystals are usually small, tabular and thin. Beautifully colored gems have been faceted from intense orange and reddish orange crystals found at the Red Cloud Mine (and others) in Arizona.

Where is wulfenite most commonly found?

wulfenite, lead molybdate, PbMoO4, a minor source of molybdenum and the second most common molybdenum mineral. It occurs in the oxidized zone of lead and molybdenum deposits. Fine crystals have been found at Příbram, Czech Republic; Yuma County, Ariz., U.S.; and Mapimi, Durango, Mex.

What can wulfenite be used for?

It is important in oil refinery and when alloyed with iron, increases the strength of steel. Although most molybdenum comes from the appropriately named mineral, molybdenite, wulfenite deposits can also be used as a minor ore of the metal.

Where is wulfenite from?

Wulfenite was first described in 1845 for an occurrence in Bad Bleiberg, Carinthia, Austria. It was named for Franz Xavier von Wulfen (1728–1805), an Austrian mineralogist. It occurs as a secondary mineral in oxidized hydrothermal lead deposits.

Why does Arizona have wulfenite?

They are formed as the result of oxidation in the open cavities of igneous rocks where lead veins are present. Wulfenite normally occurs along with vanadinite, pyromorphite, and galena. The slivery mineral Molybdenum is known for its strength and hardness. It also has a high melting point.

Who discovered wulfenite?

mineralogist Ignaz von
The naming of wulfenite has a fascinating history itself. It was first discovered and described in the late 18th century by Austrian mineralogist Ignaz von Born (1741-1791) who gave it the name plumbum spatosum flavo pellucidum.

What mineral is wulfenite?

Wulfenite is a secondary lead (Pb) mineral, which means it is formed during the oxidation (weathering) of galena, the primary lead mineral. Because wulfenite contains lead, it’s pretty heavy for having such thin and delicate crystals! Those crystals are tetragonal and usually found as tabular, flat, square plates.

Is wulfenite a mineral?

What is the power of wulfenite?

Wulfenite helps one stay focused on long daunting tasks that require complete concentration and assist in providing that “fire” needed to finish your work. Wulfenite is also a very powerful manifestation stone that helps bring your ideas to reality.

Where can you find wulfenite in the US?

Outside of Arizona, Wulfenite is not common in the U.S. Thick clusters come from the Stephenson-Bennett Mine, Doña Ana Co., New Mexico; and paper-thin crystals were mined at the Tecoma Mine, Lucin, Box Elder Co., Utah. Wulfenite is a unique mineral and is easily distinguished from almost all minerals.

What is the hardness of wulfenite?

With a hardness of 2.5 to 3, knives and copper coins could scratch wulfenites. (By comparison, household dust, which contains silicon quartz, has a hardness of 7). You’re more likely to find wulfenites in mineral collections than in jewelry collections.

Is wulfenite a good crystal for jewelry?

Although aesthetically magnificent wulfenite crystals are often too thin, soft, and sensitive to cut for jewelry, rare faceted pieces are greatly prized by collectors. The red of wulfenite, especially from the Red Cloud Mine in Arizona, is one of the richest colors in nature.