Is Waymart a federal prison?

Located in Waymart, part of Wayne County, Pennsylvania, Canaan United States Penitentiary is a high security federal prison that holds up to 1,340 male offenders. The facility has an attached minimum security satellite camp that can hold an additional 160 offenders.

How many inmates does SCI Waymart have?

State Correctional Institution – Waymart

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Security class Medium-Security
Capacity 1,430
Population 1,425
Opened 1989

What federal prisons are in PA?

Pennsylvania Federal Prisons | Federal Prisons in Pennsylvania

  • USP Allenwood.
  • FCI Allenwood Medium.
  • FCI Allenwood Low.
  • USP Canaan.
  • USP Canaan Camp.
  • USP Lewisburg.
  • USP Lewisburg Camp.
  • FCI Loretto.

Does Pennsylvania have private prisons?

Private Prisons Although there are no private state prisons in Pennsylvania, some of the Department of Corrections’ community contract facilities are operated by for-profit companies, including several operated by GEO Group.

What county is Waymart PA?

Wayne CountyWaymart / County

What is the zip code for Waymart PA?

18472Waymart / Zip code

What federal prisons are in the state of Pennsylvania?

What is the largest prison in Pennsylvania?

Maximum security Opened July 11, 2018, replacing the adjoining State Correctional Institution – Graterford, which had been Pennsylvania’s largest prison.

Is Waymart PA in the Poconos?

Welcome to Waymart, Pennsylvania! In addition to its rich railroading and Coal Country roots, Waymart proves a great jumping-off point for a multitude of outdoor recreational activities throughout the Pocono Mountains region.

Is Waymart PA a good place to live?

A nice small town with clean houses and properties. Lots of forested land surrounding. Altogether, a backwoods place with good people. Lots of things to do and everyone is close to each other!

What county is Waymart PA in?