Is waste toner the same as toner?

A waste toner bottle is a nifty device installed within your laser printer to ensure that any toner residue is filtered into the toner bottle; rather than surrounding your drum unit.

What does waste toner near full mean?

It indicates that it is almost time to replace the waste toner box of this machine. If you continue to use, “Waste Toner Full.” will be displayed and the printing will stop.

Can you empty a waste toner cartridge and reuse?

Your toner waste container shouldn’t end up in the trash, instead you can empty and reuse it.

Where is the waste toner cartridge?

You’ll have an access door on your printer that you can open. Behind this door you’ll find both the toner cartridges that you print with, and the waste toner collection cartridge that is filled up. Carefully remove this waste toner cartridge.

How long does waste toner last?

The Waste Toner Box collects waste toner that results from the printing process. It has a life expectancy of approximately 20,000 depending on average page coverage, etc.

Can I reuse a waste toner box?

DO NOT reuse the waste toner box. DO NOT put the waste toner box into a fire. It could explode. Be careful not to spill the toner.

Can waste toner powder be reused?

Some manufacturers have attempted to divert the waste toner back to the fresh toner reservoir of the xerographic machine. But the attempts were in vain, as the waste toner does not adhere to the paper due to lack of fusible particles [34]. Reuse of waste toner is nearly impossible in the case of mixed colour toners.

Can you empty a brother waste toner box?

Remove the waste toner box, by lifting it up and out of the machine using the green handle located on the front of the box. Clean the two metal contacts located on the back of the waste toner box with a dry cloth or paper towel. Reinstall the waste toner box in the Brother machine.

Can you reuse a waste toner box?

What do I do with a full waste toner box?


  1. Do not throw the waste toner box into a fire. Toner may splatter and cause burns.
  2. Store the waste toner box out of the reach of small children.
  3. Keep the removed waste toner box in a plastic bag (do not discard them). Your service technician will collect the removed waste toner box.