Is Toyota Ist a 4WD?

The Ist, the sixth brand to use the Vitz as the base model, was conceived as a high-end multi-use compact car with SUV-like styling and wagon-like roominess. The car was fitted with either a 1.3-liter (FWD) or a 1.5-liter engine (FWD or 4WD), with a Super ECT transmission.

What is the fuel consumption of a Toyota ist?

The Toyota ist is your first class compact car. You can always enjoy drive the car with its perfect balanced chassis and colorful body design. Also, it is so sweet for us economically: fuel consumption, 18.0km/L.

Is Toyota ist chain driven?

This is Toyota’s answer to the Suzuki Swift….

Make Toyota
Model Ist Chain Driven, JVC Head Unit
Year 2004
Primary Colour Silver
Body type Hatchback

What is the history of Toyota ist?

Toyota IST was released for sale in May 2002 as a new type 2-BOX car. The main target of IST was young people and the concept was “Toyota IST for your 1st”, to provide “the greatest compact car for mobility life”. The characteristics of Toyota IST was its style.

What is the length of the Toyota ist?

The total length of the Toyota IST’s body is compact, less than 4 meters in size, but the width was expanded to 1725 mm, enabling the creation of the silhouette that did not exist before. For the interior, Toyota IST adopts a unique center cluster, drawing an impressive smooth curve.

What is the difference between Toyota ist and Toyota Isuto?

Not to be confused with Toyota Isis. The Toyota Ist (Japanese: トヨタ・ist (イスト), Toyota Isuto) (stylised as ist) is a subcompact car manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota.

What are the engine types of Toyota ist?

Toyota IST has engine types of 1.5 liter and 1.3 liter in-line 4‐cylinder DOHC BEAMS engine with the combination of 4‐speed AT called the Super ECT. The driving system can either be FF or flex full time 4WD for 1.5 liter model.