Is there an APP for RGB LED lights?

RGBW light dimmer is a mobile application which is developed with Bluetooth 4.0. With RGBW light dimmer, you can use your phone to operate the colored light wirelessly.

Is there an APP to change your LED lights?

Lumenplay® is an extendable string of app-enabled RGB LED lights that enables you to create scenes of color and motion, all from your smart device. Use the free Lumenplay® app to setup a personalized light show by choosing color combinations, effects, speed, direction and brightness.

How do you control RGB lights?

How do I control the RGB lighting on my system?

  1. Use the remote control. If the remote is not responsive then you will need to switch the RGB controller from motherboard controlled to remote controlled.
  2. Use the RGB control software that corresponds with the manufacturer of your motherboard.

How do I change the LED color on my Iphone?

To start, open the Home app and locate the light that you want to interact with. If you just want to turn the light on or off, tap it. If you want to change the color, tap and hold, and then choose the “Color” option at the bottom.

What apps work with all leds?

Here are 4 free Android and App Store apps you can use to control your led lights; Lumenplay® Magic Home Pro. Lepro LampUX.

Can I control a light bulb with my phone?

You can control the smart light bulbs through the Philips Hue app on your smartphone (iOS or Android), or through Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Nest hubs, Apple’s HomeKit (HomePod or Siri), Microsoft’s Cortana, and more. This smart functionality is enabled by the Hue hub.

How do you change the LED color without a remote?

3 easy ways you can turn on LED lights without a remote. Whether it’s possible to use a smart switch to control your LED lights….

  1. #1: Use a power supply adapter.
  2. #2: Use the app.
  3. #3: Use a smart switch.

How do I control my RGB?

Can iPhone flashlight change colors?

At this time there isn’t a way to change the color of the flashlight like you want, but we can help you submit feedback about what you’d like to see. You can use this link to submit Product Feedback.

Is there an app to change flashlight color?

Latest version. Color Flashlight is a tool for Android that lets you use different features on your phone or tablet to light up a dark room.