Is there a Christian alternative to Youtube?

Chris Wyatt and the Internet have something going. In the late ’90s, the young television producer helped start, the world’s first social networking website. The site exploded into the Web’s largest pre-MySpace network.

Where can I watch Christian music videos?


  • JD Farag. Welcome to the Official Channel of Pastor JD Farag, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, in…
  • Hagee Ministries. Watch live services from Pastors John and Matt Hagee.
  • TCT – Live and On-Demand TV. TCT Ministries, Inc.
  • Andrew Wommack Ministries.

Where can I watch Christian TV shows?


  • JW Broadcasting® Watch programs that build faith in God and the Bible, as well as Christian videos that teach…
  • PureFlix. With the Pure Flix streaming App you can watch quality uplifting stories that will give your family…
  • TBN Networks TV.
  • EWTN Global Catholic Network.
  • Go Victory.
  • Daystar.
  • SBN NOW.
  • K-LOVE Radio.

Is there a social media site for Christians?

FaithMeet is the world’s first Christian-based social networking platform serving customers all over the world.

What is KidzTube?

KidzTube contains handpicked videos. Most are educational. If a user searches for a term such as ‘pooping’, the service will present educational content such as facts about the digestive system, or a Minecraft video.

Is KidzSearch safe?

KidzSearch is a safe, moderated search engine for kids. This site uses Google technology to provide search results; however, their algorithm pushes educationally suited websites further up on the results. Use filters to view images, videos, facts, and more.

Who created KidzSearch?

Dale Bock
Type of site Safe Search engine and Web portal for Kids
Founder(s) Dale Bock
Registration Separate accounts required for some services.

How many televisions are there in Uganda?

Currently about 5 million TV are used. Television broadcast stations: 30. There are several digital channels viewed in Uganda including international news, music and film channels. Some of these channels are free while others are paid.

Is KidzSearch free?

The KidzSearch App is a free download that works on all mobile devices and is supported on Apple iOS, Google Android, as well as on Amazon for Kindle fire devices. The app is free to download. It provides the same filtering technology as the desktop version.