Is the Q fix a precision rifle?

The combination of a feature-rich precision rifle and ultra light-weight hunting rifle makes The Fix a much needed solution for many bolt-action enthusiasts.

Are Proof Research rifles any good?

Coupled with their carbon-wrapped barrel, this rifle is extremely durable; one of the most reliable rifles on the market today. The Switch rifle comes with a ½ MOA guarantee from Proof Research. I found this to be a generous guarantee, with my rifle averaging ¼ MOA with several different brands of ammunition.

Is the mini fix a SBR?

The Fix is Kevin Brittingham’s flag ship bolt gun for Q. He came out with a Mini Fix SBR which is small enough to fit into a backpack. Just like the Honey Badger pistol, Q collaborated with SB Tactical and had them make a custom brace so they can make a Mini Fix Pistol. Adam Kraut posted the photo above.

What is Minifix?

Häfele’s Minifix connector is a patented technology and comes with years of research and technical expertise behind it. It consists of two parts: a plastic or zinc cam and a steel or composite bolt that conduct the ‘fastening function’.

Are carbon fiber barrels worth the money?

Carbon fiber barrels are worth the money. Especially if your end use is a run and gun type competition or hunting the back country and high degree of precision and accuracy are needed minus the weight.

What guns use PROOF Research barrels?

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  • All Barrels.
  • Bolt-Action.
  • AR-Style.
  • Ruger Pre-Fit.
  • Savage Pre-Fit.
  • Tikka Pre-Fit.
  • Zermatt Arms Pre-Fit.
  • Defiance Ruckus Pre-Fit.

What is the mini fix rifle?

The Q Mini Fix is a scaled down version of The Fix bolt gun with a receiver that is 1/2″ shorter. Designed to fit M4 magazines, the Mini Fix will be offered in pistol (300 BLK) and rifle (224 Valkyrie) formats.

Who invented MiniFix?

MiniFix assembly system, was invented and introduced to the market by the Häfele Company in 1980.

Does the military use carbon fiber barrels?

For the time being, PROOF Research CF barrels are the only models approved for military use. Using a carbon fiber-wrapped barrel, they cut down the weight of a sniper weapons system by as much as ten pounds. PROOF Research offers carbon fiber wrapped options for bolt action as well as AR style rifles.

Why do people wrap carbon fiber barrels?

The increased rigidity carbon fiber gives our barrels improves the overall barrel harmonics. Better barrel harmonics means better shot-to-shot accuracy. Generally, barrels that are wrapped in carbon fiber will also weigh less than traditional steel or fluted steel options.

What is MiniFix?

How does a female camlock work?

How Do Camlock Fittings Work? Camlock fittings consist of a male adaptor and a female coupler that fit together to connect two pipes. Two cam arms on the housing of the fitting enable the rapid installation typical of a cam and groove coupling.