Is the Porsche 997 A Good investment?

Comparatively rare, especially with the more desirable six-speed manual transmission, the 997 GTS is a car that looks likely to hold its value well. It may not be an investment per se, but this is a car you buy to drive and enjoy, and enjoy it you will.

How do you clean a 911 convertible?

First, you’ll want to get together a soft scrub brush and a lot of water. Once the top is thoroughly wet, apply a fabric cleaner, and use the brush to gently dislodge dirt without damaging the top. Once you’re done, thoroughly rinse the top until there’s no more visible cleaning product left.

What is Porsche wet mode?

What Does Porsche Wet Mode Do? Designed to help with hydroplaning, this feature uses acoustic sensors in the front wheel housing that detect water spray. This gives the system the advantage of being able to sense standing water on roadways after a storm has passed.

Can I take my Porsche through a car wash?

Never, ever through a car wash with fabric or brushes. Not even our Hond Odyssey gets that bad treatment. I will do the self serve spray but no scrub brush. Hand was in driveway.

Can you take a 911 convertible through a car wash?

Most Convertibles Are Car-Wash-Friendly No limitations. Every car is quality-checked to ensure water-tightness … the top frame is very rigid to be able to handle going up and down at up to 31 mph, so a car wash brush is no issue.”

How do I turn on wet mode?

Android. When you have installed the latest OS and touch firmware update for your unit you can enable the rain/wet mode by going to Settings > Display > Enable Rain/Wet mode. When rain/wet mode is enabled a small blue icon will appear in the toolbar.

What is wet mode in car?

The Wet mode as the name suggests is meant for driving in rainy conditions or wet roads. This mode offers better traction control and throttle response is also linear. The Rough road Mode optimises the overall behaviour of the vehicle to handle the broken roads.

How good is Porsche PDK?

Compared to manual transmissions, the Porsche PDK delivers a faster acceleration and instantaneous response to help you eke out the fastest lap times on Los Angeles track days. The PDK transmission was originally developed for racing, but it also offers many more advantages as well.

Is the 997 4s wider than the 2s?

A rarely known fact to many potential buyers is, that the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4 and 4s both have a wider rear end. In comparison to the 997 Carrera 2(S) the fenders had to be widened by 44 mm due to a wider track.

Can Porsche convertible go through car wash?

How often should I wash my Porsche?

You should be washing it at least once a month. However, if the weather is colder or you have a long commute, you should consider washing it once a week.

Do car washes damage convertible tops?

Most convertibles are safe for automated car washes, according to the car wash industry. Millions of convertibles are washed successfully every day, and they are designed to do so without causing damage to the vehicle.

Can a Porsche go through a car wash?

Not great. If your Porsche is just a car then you certainly don’t care what type car wash you go to as long as it’s clean when you drive away.

Will Porsche 997 be a classic?

Some say the 997 Carrera S (manual), 997 GT3 are the future classics and beyond them, the 991 GTS will also get there one day!

How does wet mode work in cars?

The Wet mode as the name suggests is meant for driving in rainy conditions or wet roads. This mode offers better traction control and throttle response is also linear. The Rough road Mode optimises the overall behaviour of the vehicle to handle the broken roads. The Safari in wet mode performed quite well.

What does snow and wet drive mode do?

Snow/Wet: This mode allows the vehicle optimal traction at low speeds and increases stability at higher speed levels. Eco: This mode provides the best fuel economy while trading-off overall performance and comfort. Sport: This mode can be used for aggressive off-road driving.

Do cars have rain mode?

The eighth-gen edition of its flagship car, the 911, boasts a new driver assistance feature, dubbed “wet mode,” that marries fender-mounted sensors to the car’s ECU. Some are acoustic, which the 992 uses to detect the splashing of water droplets, akin to how rain-sensing wipers work.

What is a PDK gearbox Porsche 997?

The PDK gearbox was available for Porsche 997 Carrera and Turbo models 2009 to 2012. The GT-models where only available with manual gearboxes. Porsche’s PDK is a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. The PDK gearbox functions very much like a manual gearbox with the exception that the driver doesn’t engage/dis-engage the clutch.

What’s new in the Porsche 997 Carrera?

The Porsche 997 received new engines with 20 and 30 hp more power with the model update. Thanks to the new engine design with less stroke it got even happier to rev. In the 997.1, the Carrera engines had 82.8 mm of stroke. In keeping with the zeitgeist of the time, a touchscreen found its way into the center console for the first time.

Do Porsche 911 exhausts still have brown plague?

Even on the 997.2 generation Porsche 911, the brown plague still likes to infest clamps and manifold flanges. This is why many of these 911s no longer have their original exhaust system underneath. If an appropriately high-quality replacement system is installed, however, this need not be a disadvantage.

What kind of headlights does a Porsche 997 have?

Bi-xenon headlights were standard for the second gen 997. For an additional charge, there were even cornering lights. At the rear, LEDs were used in the taillights, turn signals and so on. The styling element of the continuous light band, last used on the 996 Carrera 4S, was also back.