Is the 9/11 Memorial tour worth it?

Is the Museum Worth Visiting? Without a doubt, the 9/11 Museum is well worth visiting while being in New York City. It’s a stunning tribute to this horrific incident, and the museum and memorial offer great insight into the lives lost on this day.

Does it cost to visit Ground Zero?

Admission to the memorial is always free of charge. Admission to the museum is free Mondays from 3:30pm until close. The last admission is two hours before closing; however, limited quantities of these tickets are available. Four tickets are allowed per person.

How long is the 911 museum tour?

60 minutes
Museum Tour (60 minutes) Gain a deeper understanding of 9/11, the lead-up to the attacks, and their continuing global significance in the essential tour of the Museum’s key spaces.

How long should you spend at 911 Museum?

about two hours
How long should I spend in the 9/11 Museum or One World Observatory? Both the museum and observatory visits are self-guided, so you can go at your own pace. Most people spend about two hours in the museum.

How long does it take to tour the 911 Memorial and Museum?

You could easily spend a long afternoon at the Memorial Museum, but two hours is enough time to see everything and experience the entirety of the space, starting with the 15-minute introductory film. Once you descend into the actual museum space, take your time moving through it.

Can you go on top of the Freedom Tower?

A visit to its sky-high observatory is simply unforgettable. Just read the reviews. The tour of the Freedom Tower is self-guided, but there are guided tours of the memorial outside that include tickets to the Freedom Tower observatory.

How much is the ticket for World Trade Center?

Standard Ticket For $43 you get access to the One World Observatory with a fixed time window. If you want to enjoy the view alone and can plan a visit to the One World Trade Center into your daily schedule, this is not a bad idea.