Is Taronga Zoo free on your birthday?

Celebrate Your Birthday At Taronga Zoo Sydney or Western Plains Zoo! Taronga is not-for-profit and every Zoo ticket, even your $1 entry, helps Taronga to ensure a brighter future for wildlife.

How much money does it cost to go to Taronga Zoo?

One day entry – Individual Tickets

Ticket type Gate price* Online price
Adult $49.00 $44.10
Concession $39.00 $35.10
Child (4-15 years) $29.00 $26.10
Infant (under 4 years) FREE FREE

How much does it cost to catch a ferry to Taronga Zoo?


Route Adult Child
Taronga Zoo Express Special $59.00 (Normally $69) $40.00
To/From Circular Quay, Watsons Bay, Manly or Darling Harbour $8.00 $5.50

Can you hug a koala in Sydney?

Can I cuddle or pat a koala in Sydney? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Since a change in the rules a few years ago, it’s now against the regulations for members of the public to cuddle koalas in Sydney and the rest of NSW. No zoo or wildlife park in NSW is permitted to allow guests to cuddle koalas.

Is Taronga Zoo open during Covid?

Now open. Taronga Zoo Sydney and Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo are delighted to be open to guests, with plenty of new arrivals to meet. Taronga’s Zoos operate in line with current NSW Public Health orders and COVID-safe sites.

Is Sydney zoo better than Taronga Zoo?

Taronga Zoo is a scenic excursion with a fine zoo included. Ferry, cable car and descending walks make for a great half day at least. Taronga Zoo hands down, because not only do you get the animals, but you get the ferry ride and spectacular views as an added bonus. Cheers.

Can you get chlamydia from a koala bear?

The more common strain, Chlamydia pecorum, is responsible for most of the outbreak in Queensland and cannot be transmitted to humans. The second strain, C. pneumoniae, can infect humans if, say, an infected koala were to urinate on someone, though it’s unlikely.

Can you stroke a koala?

It comes at a price—usually quite a steep price, of around $20 each and more. But even then you do not get to hold the koala, although sometimes you are allowed to stroke one gently on the back. There is a controversy as to whether you should be able to hold a koala.

Do I have to wear a mask at Taronga Zoo?

In line with current health advice, Taronga strongly encourages guests to wear a mask when they can’t physically distance outdoors. All guests, including Zoo Friends and complimentary ticket holders, will be required to pre-register their visit online.

What zoo is better in Sydney?

For over 100 years, Taronga Zoo has been welcoming visitors from its hilltop position overlooking Sydney Harbour. This zoo scores points for its stunning views, and if you plan your visit well, you can spend it walking downhill towards the view all day.

Do koalas explode?

There are no recorded cases of spontaneous combustion in koalas. If they were able to ignite, the koala population probably would have become extinct millenia ago.

How much is parking at Taronga Zoo?

Parking is available at Taronga Zoo Sydney, entry from Bradleys Head Road. The all-day parking rate is $22.