Is Romedy now HD discontinued?

Romedy Now is an India based English language television channel showing romantic comedy Hollywood films and shows. The channel, owned by the Bennett, Coleman and Co….Romedy Now HD.

Launched 22 September 2013
Closed 1 August 2021

How can I add HD channels in Airtel?

With just few clicks smartphone user can add or remove channels through Airtel Thanks App click here. Send an SMS with ADD to 54325 from your registered mobile number. Please keep your DTH setbox ON while sending sms. Send an SMS with REM to 54325 from your registered mobile number.

How many HD channels are there in Airtel DTH?

This pack has 44 HD channels and 77 popular channels including Star Plus HD, Star Sports 2 HD, Star Sports 1 HD, Colors HD, Nat Geo HD, Sony HD and more….Airtel Digital TV My Family HD Pack Prices & Offers.

Pack Name Price Validity
Airtel Digital TV My Family HD Rs. 519 1 month

What is the monthly pack of Airtel HD DTH?

Airtel DTH HD Plans List for 1 Month

Airtel HD Plans Airtel DTH HD Pack Price Number of Channels
Mega HD Pack Rs 649 164
My Family HD Pack Rs 589 150
Value Lite HD Pack Rs 396 86
Value Lite HD Pack (ZEE-TV18) Rs 297 87

Is Romedy now discontinued in India?

If not, do it today as Romedy Now HD is being discontinued from 1st August. *Viewers subscribed to the Times Network Pack will get access to the SD channel without any interruption.

How can I upgrade my Airtel HD?

Upgrade Package To switch to a better package, all you need to is call us at 0124 – 4448080 (North), 020 – 44448080 (West), 033 – 44448080 (East), 080 – 44448080 (South) or 020 40181400 & 12150 from Airtel mobile.

How can I change my Airtel DTH HD plan?

Change Airtel Digital TV plan through the My Airtel app

  1. Open the My Airtel app on your smartphone.
  2. Scroll from right to left to check your DTH connection details.
  3. Click on the My Account option.
  4. Scroll down to the Manage TV Channels option.
  5. You’ll see your current pack, click on ‘Edit current plan’

How recharge Airtel DTH HD?

Logon to using the login id and password. you will be routed to a secure site. click on recharge from the left menu in case, you have multiple accounts attached to your login, you will need to click on the customer id for which you want to recharge.

Which plan is best for Airtel DTH 6 months?

Top Airtel Digital TV DTH Plans below Rs 300 (With Maximum Channels)

Name of the Plan Price Validity Period
TN Value Lite SD Pack (Tamil) ₹280 1 month
Kerala Value Lite 6M pack ₹1542 6 months
Hindi Value Lite 6M pack ₹1516 6 months
WB HD 6M pack ₹1381 6 months

What is channel number of Romedy now?

Tata Play English Movies Channel List with Channel Number and Price (2022)

Tata Play Channel List Tata Play Channel Number HD/SD
Romedy Now 383 SD
Romedy Now HD 382 HD
Sony Pix 360 SD
Sony Pix HD

Can we change Airtel SD box to HD box?

To make the upgrade from an SD to HD set-top box, the subscribers will only have to pay Rs 699. In addition to this charge for the STB, the subscribers will also be required to pay an additional Rs 150 as the engineering visitation charge.

What is the cost of Airtel HD set top box?

New (4) from ₹1,980.00 FREE Delivery.

How can I check my Airtel DTH package?

Dial Customer care at 18001028080. Dial To check Balance and Validity Send SMS BAL to 54325.

How can I choose my Airtel DTH package?

Hit the Edit current plan button available below your existing channel package. Airtel will now let you select your new package. You can look at different genres from the left sidebar or pick a recommended pack. Scroll down to choose from all the available channel packages for your DTH connection.

What is a Romedy?

Noun. romedy (plural romedies) (film) Synonym of romantic comedy.