Is PCWorld magazine still in print?

After slightly more than thirty years in print, PCWorld magazine is ceasing publication, effective with the current issue, to focus on its website and digital editions.

Is PC Magazine trustworthy?

Overview. PC Magazine has a consumer rating of 2.49 stars from 35 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. PC Magazine ranks 80th among Magazines sites.

When did PCWorld magazine start?

March 1983PC World / First issue date

Who owns PC World?

Currys plcPC World / Parent organization

What does PC world mean?

Personal Computer World (magazine)

Why is it called Currys?

The company was founded in Leicester in 1884 by Henry Curry as H. Curry and Sons and was carried on in partnership until 1922 when Currys Limited was registered as a private company. In 1927, it was incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1908 to 1917, as a limited company called Currys (1927) Limited.

When did PC World close?

PC World (retailer)

Type Division
Defunct March 2018 in Ayr, Scotland, UK (last standalone store) October 5, 2021 (as Currys PC World – all stores to be re-branded as Currys)
Fate Merged with Currys (stores) Folded into Currys plc (brand)
Successor Currys PC World
Headquarters Acton, London, UK

Where is PCMag based?

New York
PC Magazine (shortened as PCMag) is an American computer magazine published by Ziff Davis….PCMag.

Country United States
Based in New York
Language English
ISSN 0888-8507

When did Currys go out of business?

October 2021
All of its physical shops in the United Kingdom traded under the combined “Currys PC World” brand, although this was retired in October 2021, after which point the company became known simply as “Currys”….PC World (retailer)

Type Division
Founded November 1991 in Croydon, London, UK
Founder Jan Murray

Whats happened to Currys?

Dixons Carphone is rebranding all of its Currys PC World, Carphone Warehouse and Dixons Carphone stores as simply ‘Currys’. The rebrand will happen by October alongside the launch of a new Currys website, City A.M. (opens in new tab) reports.

Can TechRadar be trusted?

Overview. TechRadar has a consumer rating of 4 stars from 10 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. TechRadar ranks 36th among Product Reviews sites.

What is happening with Currys PC World?

Are Currys making redundancies?

CURRYS PC World plans to cut 800 jobs as part of a shake-up of its store management structure. Its parent company, Dixons Carphone, says it has started to consult with some of its staff as it removes roles from its stores.