Is Hoppers Crossing Secondary College a good school?

IMHO Hoppers Crossing Secondary College (Hoppers) is one of the worst schools in the Wyndham District.

How many students attend Hoppers Crossing Secondary College?


Hoppers Crossing Secondary College
Principal Keith Halge
Staff ~170
Grades 7–12
Enrolment ~1,500

What time does Werribee Secondary College start?

Werribee Secondary College operates Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm during school terms. (Classes operate between 8.55am to 3.01pm).

What is the postcode for Hoppers Crossing?

3029Hoppers Crossing / Postal code

Is Werribee Secondary College good?

Werribee is the oldest secondary school in the City of Wyndham, approximately 10km south-west of Melbourne. The college has an extremely strong academic focus, a highly regarded select-entry program and a special structure to promote academic achievement for all students.

How big is Werribee Secondary College?

approximately 1,500 students
The College is operated by the Victorian Department of Education. Established in 1956, the College enrolled, in 2019, approximately 1,500 students from Year 7 to Year 12, of whom less than one percent identified as Indigenous Australians and 65 percent were from a language background other than English.

What is Hoppers Crossing postcode Vic?

What is the postcode for Williams Landing?

3027Williams Landing / Postal code

Is Hoppers Crossing a safe place to live?

Hoppers Crossing is a great suburb. 2019 Domain Liveability Study: It has been ranked 218th best Suburb for livability out of 307 Suburbs Reviewed in 2019 Domain Liveability Study, previously ranked at 272. They rank by a number of criteria.

What is Hoppers Crossing known for?

Hoppers Crossing is the home of Australian Olympic Gold Medallist Russell Mark and his wife Lauryn, a triple Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist.

Is Williams landing in Melbourne?

Williams Landing is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 19 km south west of Melbourne’s Central Business District, located within the City of Wyndham local government area, has an estimated population of 10,238 in 2021….Williams Landing.

Williams Landing Melbourne, Victoria
Federal division(s) Gellibrand

What postcode is Port Melbourne?

3207Port Melbourne / Zip code

What council is bundoora in?

City of Whittlesea
Only a small part of Bundoora is within the City of Whittlesea boundary, the rest of the suburb is served by the Darebin City Council and Banyule City Council. Approximately 45 per cent of the population resides in the City of Whittlesea, 37 per cent in Banyule and 18 per cent in Darebin.