Is goodly grammatically correct?

The main definitions of goodly are (1) quite large or considerable, and (2) of pleasing appearance. The second sense is rarely used today. Despite the -ly suffix, goodly is not an adverb. Good’s corresponding adverb is well.

What is meant by goodly?

1 : pleasantly attractive. 2 : significantly large : considerable a goodly number.

Is goodly a word in Scrabble?

Yes, goodly is in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you use the word goodly?

1) £1500 is still a goodly sum. 2) The audience was of a goodly size. 3) Laski spent a goodly part of his lecturing life in American universities. 4) Construction had cost nearly $ 50,( 000a goodly sum in 1949.

Does goodly exist?

The regular adverb “goodly” does exist, but takes some of the old meanings of “well”. It means “abundant”, and is usually used as an adjective (it has been used as an adjective since Old English): “I ate a goodly amount of pie” means “I ate a lot of pie” – however it’s not common.

What type of word is goodly?

Goodly can be an adverb or an adjective.

What is the adverb of goodly?

Adverb. goodly (comparative goodlier, superlative goodliest) (obsolete) In a goodly way; courteously, graciously. quotations ▼ (dialectal or obsolete) Well; excellently.

Is goodly an adverb of manner?

Yes it is an adverb.

What is the meaning of goodly?

Definition of goodly 1 : pleasantly attractive 2 : significantly large : considerable a goodly number 1 : of pleasing appearance But after a while she finds that beneath this goodly exterior, all is vanity …— Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer 2 : large, considerable a goodly amount

What does a goodly amount of something mean?

A goodly amount of something is plenty of it. If you bake a goodly number of brownies for a bake sale, there are more than enough. The adjective goodly can describe a large quantity and also a large size: “You described your house as tiny, but it’s actually a goodly size!”.

What is the adjective for good?

adjective, good·li·er, good·li·est. of good or substantial size, amount, etc.: a goodly sum. of good or fine appearance.

Where does the word’goodly’come from in the Bible?

“Goodly” occurs in Apocrypha, 1 Esdras 4:18; Judith 8:7 (horaios); 2 Macc 9:16, “goodly gifts,” kallistos, the Revised Version (British and American) “goodliest.” These files are public domain. Orr, James, M.A., D.D. General Editor.