Is Gerber in Australia?

Gerber Gear was founded in 1939 and has a rich history based in the US and now thanks to Extac is now available in Australia. Gerbers top-notch design and engineering starts in the US even to this day and is renowned for their quality, reliability and the 70 years experience shows in the latter mentioned.

Is Gerber knives any good?

Gerber has remade itself over the past few years thanks to three very reliable (and pretty similar) fixed blades. The Gerber LMF II has an undisputed spot on this list for good reason.

What country makes Gerber knives?

Gerber Legendary Blades is an American maker of knives, multitools, and other tools for outdoors and military headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Gerber is owned by the Finnish outdoors products company Fiskars….Gerber Legendary Blades.

Type Corporation
Revenue US$100 million
Number of employees 300
Parent Fiskars

Why is Gerber considered a good knife brand?

Harder steel on the main blade – it goes for longer between sharpening

  • Slightly chunkier handle,with a grippier texture,which sits more nicely in my hand.
  • The ripping hook. The Charge Ti has a shrouded cutting hook on the back of the serrated knife,and it’s BRILLIANT.
  • What knife should I Choose SOG or Gerber?

    Price Range and Quality. Price is an important factor for most people – and it’s a good indicator of the quality you’ll be getting (but not always).

  • Warranty and After-Service.
  • Ease of Opening the Blade.
  • Design and Ergonomics.
  • Axis vs Compression Locks.
  • Quality Control and Other Issues.
  • How good are Gerber Knives?

    most of gerber’s line are made with 440c stainless blades. it can be a good steel if heat treated properly, but gerber doesnt do the best job of it. they work for an edc knife, but i wouldnt rely on one in the woods.

    Who sells Gerber Knives?

    The KnifeCenter offers their entire selection which includes several American made knife models and some classic tactical combat knives that have seen combat all over the world. Gerber Exo-Mod Fixed Blade Knife, Stonewashed 420HC Drop Point Plain Blade, Orange Handles, Snap-Together Modu…