Is blackthorn good for a walking stick?

A blackthorn walking stick is the best choice if you enjoy long walks in the countryside. Made from one of the strongest stickmaker’s woods, this is a walking stick which will last for a long time, while requiring low maintenance. You’ll love its traditional look and sturdiness.

What is a blackthorn walking stick?

The Blackthorn is found throughout Ireland and the British Isles, and it has been prized for centuries as a material for premium walking sticks. The most well-known incarnation of the classic Blackthorn stick was the Irish Shillelagh a tool that was so fearsome in trained hands that the English outlawed it!

What is a blackthorn shillelagh?

A shillelagh (/ʃɪˈleɪli, -lə/ shil-AY-lee, -⁠lə; Irish: sail éille or saill éalaigh [ˌsˠal̠ʲ ˈeːlʲə], “thonged willow”) is a wooden walking stick and club or cudgel, typically made from a stout knotty blackthorn stick with a large knob at the top. It is associated with Ireland and Irish folklore.

What is a blackthorn cane?

Blackthorn wood is a type of oak tree and the popular canes made from their wood are known as the traditional Irish country walking stick and is highly sought after.

How long does it take to season a blackthorn walking stick?

Your “blank” now needs to be cured. This drying process allows the sap to egress from the blackthorn stick and means you can start working on making your walking stick. However, you’ll need to let the blank cure for at least one year, ideally three or four years!

Is blackthorn a strong wood?

Blackthorn is a very resilient wood that is naturally resistant to warping which made it a perfect material to be made into a weapon. The Irish weapon of choice would be made from oak, blackthorn, ash or holly and would be known by the name bata which in Gaelic means Fighting stick.

What is the purpose of a shillelagh?

The shillelagh was originally used as a gentleman’s weapon in duels and disagreements. Shillelagh fighting is much like sword fighting in that the wielder must skillfully parry and disarm their opponent. Shillelaghs used in modern sparring are split into short, medium, and lengths.

What is blackthorn in Irish?

Blackthorn is not easily confused with other wild plants on this web site. This is a deciduous, sometimes dense, thorny shrub which grows abundantly throughout the country….Information on Blackthorn.

Common Name: Blackthorn
Irish Name: Draighean
Family Group: Rosaceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)

How do you cut a blackthorn walking stick?

There are two ways to cut your stick. One is to cut across the base of the blackthorn shaft. The second, and preferred, is to dig at the root base. Often you’ll find that a blackthorn shaft grows as root ball that forms a beautiful and totally natural handle to your blackthorn walking stick.

Is Blackthorn a strong wood?

What is the strongest wood for a walking stick?

If weight is not an issue, most types of hickory, ironwood and birch are all incredibly strong and make excellent walking sticks. Like hickory, oak is hard and strong, but very heavy. Black locust branches are among the strongest possible choices, and they are relatively resistant to decay and abrasion.

What does blackthorn symbolize?

Blackthorn has a sinister reputation and to many it often represents the dark side of witchcraft and magick. It is a sacred tree to the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess, and is associated with the Waning and Dark Moon. Blackthorn is also known as keeper of dark secrets.

Does blackthorn grow in Ireland?

Special features: The blackthorn is very common in hedges in rural Ireland. Trees and shrubs, leaves are simple with stipules. Flowers have 5 sepals and 5 petals. It flowers before its leaves appear, and its fruit is a drupe called a sloe.

What kind of wood is blackthorn?

What Is Blackthorn Wood? Blackthorn is a type of flowering plant also known as Prunus Spinosa. The plant gets its name from the dark colour of its thorns. Oak is less common in Ireland than it is in England, and for this reason the Irish used blackthorn wood in its place.

How do you identify a blackthorn?

The leaves are small and slender (widest above halfway), alternate and oval in shape, tapering to a point at the tip. They are a dull, dark – sometimes sticky above and hairy on the veins beneath. The leaves open after the flowers.

Is blackthorn wood strong?

Blackthorn is a large bush that grows in the British Isles. The twisted, thorny, dark colored limbs have been used to make weapons, called Shillelaghs, for centuries. Blackthorn is a very resilient wood that is naturally resistant to warping which made it a perfect material to be made into a weapon.

What is the difference between blackthorn and hawthorn?

Blackthorn bark is dark with spiky thorns. Its twigs are black with leaf buds along the sharp spines while the hawthorn bark is creamy brown and rough. The twigs are brown and slim with thorns which emerge from the buds. With thorns a common theme, it’s best not to use touch in your examination of either.

Are blackthorn thorns poisonous?

If you prick your finger on one of the tree’s enormous thorns you can get ‘blackthorn poisoning’, which causes infection, swelling and joint pain.

Is blackthorn poisonous to humans?